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What is an IP US Customs?

What is an IP US Customs?

CBP targets and seizes imports of counterfeit and pirated goods, and enforces exclusion orders on patent-infringing and other IPR violative goods. …

What are the requirements for customs officer?

A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. A customs officer working for the Government of India must be above the age of 19 and have a bachelor’s degree. The candidate must have a grade point average of at least 55 percent in order to apply.

Do customs seize fake goods?

Last year, CBP personnel nationwide seized 26,503 shipments containing counterfeit goods estimated to be worth nearly $1.3 billion had they been genuine. Additional tips for protecting your family from counterfeit goods are available at

What are IPR goods?

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is a method of obtaining relief from Customs duties and VAT charges. The relief applies to goods imported from outside the EU , processed and exported to countries outside the EU.

Do CBP officers choose where they are stationed?

CBP Officers staff over 300 land, air and sea ports of entry throughout the United States, in addition to several pre-clearance duty stations overseas. CBP hires CBP Officers to locations based on mission need though officers may have the opportunity to change duty locations after a period of time.

How does Customs and Border Protection help diversity?

Help build diversity through increased cultural awareness, education and appreciation of differences. Our efforts will exemplify the agency’s commitment to diversity and offer opportunities for CBP employees to learn about other cultures in educational forums designed to develop an appreciation for those who are not like us.

Where is the US Customs and Border Protection located?

Main Address: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20229. Phone Number: 1-202-325-8000. Toll Free: 1-877-CBP-5511 (1-877-227-5511) TTY: 1-866-880-6582. Forms: Customs and Border Protection Forms. Government branch: Executive Department Sub-Office/Agency/Bureau. Popular Services from U.S. Customs and Border Protection

What does diversity and inclusion mean for CBP?

Facilitate CBP’s efforts to create a more diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce where diversity is fostered and valued. We will do this by having diversity and inclusion programs which reflect the diversity of CBP in terms of gender, race/national origin, sexual orientation, and disability.

What does PDO do for Customs and Border Protection?

PDO staff provides local CBP management and DIPCs with leadership, support, and direction in the execution of CBP’s Diversity and Inclusion Management Plan and affirmative employment obligations. (i.e., diversity and inclusion activities, national observances, and outreach to local minority organizations and communities).

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