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How tall is Jari Litmanen?

How tall is Jari Litmanen?

6′ 0″
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Where was Jari Litmanen born?

Lahti, Finland
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Did Litmanen win the Ballon d Or?

In 1995, he also won the Intercontinental Cup against Grêmio and came third in the voting for the Ballon d’Or (European Footballer of the Year), having finished eighth the previous year.

Who is the best player in 1994?


Rank Player Club(s)
1 Romário Barcelona
2 Hristo Stoichkov Barcelona
3 Roberto Baggio Juventus
4 Gheorghe Hagi Barcelona

Why Finland is the happiest country?

Finland came out very well here due to its low crime levels. Finland also has a universal health care system which a significant factor in how happy its citizens feel. When all these factors are combined, it allows most Fins to have a high standard of living and to feel content in their daily lives.

What did Jari Litmanen do for a living?

Jari Litmanen was cursed with injuries yet still managed to play football across four decades. As Ajax and Liverpool fans can attest, his long and storied career was far from wasted. Packing your greatest achievements into the early stages of your career isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When did Jari Litmanen move to Liverpool from Barcelona?

Jari Litmanen is proud to have made a lasting impression on Liverpool fans during an 18-month spell with the club that the boyhood Red loved. The Finnish forward moved to Merseyside from FC Barcelona in January 2001 in a dream transfer for a player who had been besotted by the all-conquering sides of the 1970s and ‘80s.

How old was Jari Litmanen when he started playing football?

Following in the footsteps of his parents, Litmanen kicked off his football career in 1987 at the age of 16, making his first-team debut for Reipas. He made his international debut in October 1989 when he represented his team in a match against Trinidad and Tobago.

How many goals did Jari Litmanen score for Ajax?

During his tenure with the team, Litmanen scored 9 goals in a total of 43 official matches. For the 2002-03 season, he once again played for Ajax and helped them reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League. After the season’s end, he was released and joined Lahti.

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