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How much is Thermomix?

How much is Thermomix?

The Thermomix is a $1,500, do-it-all kitchen appliance that’s hugely popular abroad and is just now making its US debut.

How much is the Thermomix in one payment?

Pay for your new Thermomix ($2,359) in full by using your credit card, EFT or PayPal. Thermomix is demonstrated and sold by Consultants who are there to help you get the most out of your investment for years to come.

How much does Thermomix Cookidoo cost?

Cookidoo has more than 70,000 triple-tested recipes from over 15 countries for you to choose from including over 2,700 Australian recipes, with new recipes added all the time. With an annual subscription of just $49 – it’s less than $1/week for inspiration to create a lifetime of great meals.

Is the Thermomix worth the money?

A pleasing upgrade over its impressive predecessor, the latest Thermomix is both one of the best and most useful kitchen appliances out there. The big sticking point for almost everyone thinking about a Thermomix is the price. It’s $1,500. It’s worth it, though, even if you have to scrimp and save.

Does a Thermomix cook?

The Thermomix is basically the world’s most powerful blender that also cooks and stirs. You can use it to knead dough or mix batter.

Can you pay for a Thermomix monthly?

Yes, you can treat yourself to a Thermomix ® appliance even if you need to pay for it in installments over a longer period of time. This will be available once it has launched. Customer Care can put you in touch with a personal representative to discuss this further.

Is the Thermomix 6 worth it?

There is no doubt that the Thermomix TM6 is an amazing piece of kitchen equipment. It will do everything you want it to do and SO much more. In my opinion, the TM6 is by far the most superior of the Thermomix models. It more than makes up for the only minor improvements that were seen in the TM5.

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