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What is the Contractarian view of the state?

What is the Contractarian view of the state?

The contractarian view of the state focuses on the conflicts of interest between individuals. The predatory view of the state focuses on the potential conflicts of interest between individuals and the state.

What is Rawls moral theory?

Rawls’s idea is that, being reasonable and rational, persons (like us) who regard ourselves as free and equal should be in a position to accept and endorse as morally justifiable the principles of justice regulating our basic social institutions and individual conduct.

What is the conclusion of the consent argument quizlet?

What is the conclusion of the consent argument? Many people do not have a duty to obey the law.

Which of the following best defines the free rider problem?

The free rider problem is an issue in economics. It is considered an example of a market failure. That is, it is an inefficient distribution of goods or services that occurs when some individuals are allowed to consume more than their fair share of the shared resource or pay less than their fair share of the costs.

What is the meaning of contractarianism in philosophy?

“Contractarianism” names both a political theory of the legitimacy of political authority and a moral theory about the origin or legitimate content of moral norms.

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What makes a person rational in a contractarian system?

Acting rationally entails maximizing satisfaction of one’s own subjective preferences. Contractarians rely on the crucial fact about humans that we are able to cooperate to produce more than each working alone, thus making it rational to cooperate under at least some terms.

Why are contractarians interested in morality and Justice?

Contractarians seek to show that without rules of justice for cooperation, persons are worse off by their own lights. Hence it is rational to adopt some rules for morality and justice.

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