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Who are the Keefer brothers?

Who are the Keefer brothers?

Chris Keefer
Casey Keefer/Brothers
Chris, 36, and Casey Keefer, 33, of Midland are in their fifth season of the national television series “Dropped.” The brothers are dropped for 28 days of extreme adventures in various remote wilderness areas. This season is “Dropped: Escape the Arctic,” airing at 9 p.m. Mondays on the Outdoor Channel.

Who are Chris and Casey Keefer?

Chris and Casey Keefer, or The Keefer Bros, were born in western Pennsylvania and grew up doing just about everything imaginable outside at an early age. “When you grow up in western Pennsylvania, hunting is more than a lifestyle, it’s like a religion. You get born into it.

Where are the Keefer brothers from?

The Keefer Brothers is in Michigan.

Are the Keefer brothers twins?

Though we wish the wilderness experts were twins, Chris is almost four years older than Casey. The pair also has a younger brother named Cody (we truly love this alliteration). Both siblings are married, but this year, Chris hit a major milestone with his wife Katie: they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

What do the Keefer brothers do for a living?

The Keefers made a living as professional hunting guides, earning a reputation for putting clients on trophy-class deer. In the Sportsman Channel’s “Dropped” series, they are airlifted to remote locations armed with a compound bow and muzzleloader and tasked to eat only what they successfully hunt.

What does Chris Keefer do when not hunting?

When he is not hunting and exploring the wilderness, Chris enjoys playing golf back home in Michigan. Casey and Chris are big supports for women in their tough profession. On his Instagram page, Chris has highlighted three female hunters and wrote that it’s awesome to see strong women who pave the way in the industry!

How old are Chris and Casey Keefer brothers?

The brothers use their survival skills to explore perilous places in the wilderness. Chris’s skills are said to be derived from their father and grandfather, who were also into hunting. Even though Chris and Casey might look like twins, Chris is about four years older than Casey.

What was the TV show dropped with Chris Keefer?

Chris has a long history on television. He and his brother Casey appeared in the show Dropped on the Outdoor Channel. It aired for seven seasons. The program was about survival experts being “dropped” into difficult conditions with little resources for survival.

Where is Chris Keefer from Big Brother Hunter?

Big brother. Hunter. When Chris Keefer is not chasing big game in Alaska, he is enjoying round of golf back home in Michigan.

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