Does Rogers offer free upgrades?

Does Rogers offer free upgrades?

Pay the full cost of the device today and have the freedom to upgrade at any time with no FLEXtab balance and no additional monthly fees except for your plan cost and taxes.

What is Hup Rogers?

The Hardware Upgrade Program (HUP) allows eligible customers to upgrade to leading edge data devices. Beginning March 17, the minimum eligibility tenure rule is changing from 12 months to 24 months for customers who wish to upgrade their smartphone and are currently on a data plan or Voice & Data Package.

How do I get my Rogers EPP?

Visit, click ‘request a passcode’ and enter your corporate email address to see if you are eligible. If your organization is not listed, you can also contact us at 1 866-656-8690 to find out.

Does Rogers have a seniors discount?

They no longer offer discounts for seniors or loyalty (longtime 20+ year Rogers customers) nor do they offer bundle discounts.

Why is Rogers so expensive?

Why are plans actually so expensive? Rogers, Bell and Telus have little incentive to lower their prices and undercut each other. They charge as much as they do simply because they can due to a lack of competition.

How does upgrading your phone work?

Most carriers don’t require you to pay an upfront down payment before receiving your phone and beginning the repayments. Once you reach the minimum number of months in your upgrade plan, and provided you’ve made all your repayments, you will be invited to swap your phone for a new one.

How do I check if my iPhone is eligible for an upgrade?

To see if you’re upgrade-eligible, contact your wireless carrier or check your status with Apple. Dial *639# if you’re an AT customer or #874 if you have Verizon. On Sprint or T-Mobile, log in to your account to check your status.

What is Rogers EPP plan?

This Rogers EPP plan at $55.50 for 20GB of data is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen, saving you 42% off the regular price of $95, or $39.50 per month. This plan offers unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, plus has sharable data. There is a $35 activation fee when setting this up.

What does Rogers EPP mean?

If you have access to a Rogers employee purchase plan (EPP) through your work, take a look online at the portal to see if you have access to the following Infinite plan promo. The promo plan offers $45/month savings versus regular retail prices according to Rogers.

How does the hardware upgrade program work with Rogers?

The Hardware Upgrade program allows existing Rogers wireless customers to receive a discount on a new wireless device when they renew on a Share Everything™ plan, with a 2-year term agreement.

How long does it take to get phone upgrade from Rogers?

You can check your device balance as well as upgrade online (if you are eligible). Standard shipping for online orders is 3-5 business days if inventory is available at the time of your order. Most customers in the Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver areas will receive their order within 48 hours .

Do you have to change plan to get Rogers infinite?

If during your device upgrade transaction you choose to keep your existing plan and do not see an option to finance a device, your existing plan is not eligible for financing. In this case, you will need to change to a Rogers Infinite plan in order to finance your new device. If I upgrade my device online, when will I receive the order?

How many devices can I pre order with Rogers?

You can pre-order up to 10 devices on any Rogers Infinite plan. As an existing customer, you can pre-order one device per pre-existing line that you’re upgrading. When do I get billed for my pre-order or backorder device?

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