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What happened to Virgin Mobile Australia?

What happened to Virgin Mobile Australia?

Back in 2018, parent company Optus announced that it would be shutting down Virgin Mobile, phasing out the brand over the following two years. If you’re still on a Virgin Mobile plan, time is almost up: Optus has confirmed that Virgin Mobile will be shut down for good in June 2020.

Does Virgin Mobile Australia still exist?

The Virgin Mobile brand has been closed down entirely, with Optus confirming in 2018 that they would shut down their low-cost subsidiary. That’s true even if you want to stay on the Optus network because it’s by far the most widely used network by Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Australia.

Why is my Virgin Mobile saying no service?

If you receive a full loss of service, please restart your mobile phone to reconnect the the network. Another thing to check is your network coverage. If you have no mobile network coverage, you may need to adjust the settings on your phone.

Is Virgin Mobile still active?

The Virgin Mobile USA service will be discontinued, and we are happy to announce that most of the existing Virgin Mobile customers will be transferred to our sister brand, Boost Mobile beginning in February.

Did Virgin Mobile go out of business?

In June 2017, Virgin Mobile dropped all Android and began to only offer iPhones to new customers under its new “Inner Circle” unlimited plan….Virgin Mobile USA.

Type Subsidiary
Defunct January 2020
Fate Merged with Boost Mobile on February 2, 2020
Successor Boost Mobile
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri , United States

What network does Virgin Mobile use?

As noted above, Virgin Mobile uses EE’s coverage for 4G customers and Vodafone’s for 5G ones. You can see speeds for both of those networks above, but we’re focusing on Vodafone’s, as all customers will eventually be moved to Vodafone’s infrastructure.

Who is the owner of Virgin Mobile Australia?

Virgin Mobile Australia ( VMA) was a mobile telecommunications company based in Sydney. It was founded by Richard Branson in 2000, and although it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Optus in 2006, it maintained its own brand identity, customer service, management structure and staff. Virgin Mobile offered postpaid…

Are there any current problems with Virgin Mobile?

User reports indicate no current problems at Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile offers mobile phone and mobile internet service. Virgin Mobile also operates the payLo and Assurance Wireless brands. Virgin Mobile is part of Sprint and operates on the Sprint network.

When is Virgin Mobile phasing out in Australia?

Virgin Mobile Australia operated on the Optus network. On 30 May 2018, Optus announced that they would be phasing out the Virgin Mobile brand and would transfer Australian Virgin Mobile customers over to Optus. They said the phase out would take them roughly two years.

Is the Virgin Mobile Network part of sprint?

Virgin Mobile also operates the payLo and Assurance Wireless brands. Virgin Mobile is part of Sprint and operates on the Sprint network.

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