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Is Richmond CA rent control?

Is Richmond CA rent control?

The City of Richmond has a rent increase limitation ordinance (“Richmond Rent Control”), which caps the annual amount a landlord can increase rent, and a just cause eviction ordinance (“Richmond Eviction Control”), which protects tenants from eviction absent one of the enumerated just causes for eviction.

Is there an eviction moratorium in Virginia?

‘Apply for rent relief’: Governor signs bill extending eviction protections in Virginia. (WWBT) – As the CDC eviction moratorium has been extended until October 2021, Governor Ralph Northam signed a budget bill extending eviction protection until June 30, 2022.

What does rent controlled mean?

Rent control is a broad term for legislation that limits rental rates in a city or state. Rent control laws vary by municipality, but they generally put a ceiling on the maximum rent that can be charged for a unit, as well as the amount that the rent can be increased per year.

What is Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act?

The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act is a California state law that exempts certain kinds of residential rental units from rent control ordinances and allows landlords to reset the rental rate on rent-controlled rental units where they become vacant or where the last rent-controlled tenant no longer permanently resides …

What happens if you cant pay rent?

You will need to pay at least 25% of your rent to remain eligible for the eviction protections unless you and the landlord have agreed in writing to a lesser rent payment. If you cannot come to an agreement with your landlord, you can request assistance from NSW Fair Trading.

Where is the rent control office in Richmond CA?

Questions about how Richmond’s rent control and just cause for eviction laws affect your rental property? Please call (510) 234-RENT (7368) or visit the Rent Program Office, located on the second floor of 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804, to speak with a Rent Program Services Analyst.

What are the fees for the Richmond rent program?

Enrollment with the Richmond Rent Program requires fees including but not limited to an enrollment fee, business license, and rental inspection program compliance. Please visit the Fees page for more information: Rent Program Fees. Establishes maximum annual rent increases for residential housing units.

How to become a landlord in Richmond CA?

Sign up for our email listserv for up to date information about the Richmond Rent Program: Email Listserv . Landlords and owners of residential Rental Units located within the City of Richmond must enroll all Rental Units with the Rent Program.

How does eviction control work in Richmond VA?

Richmond Eviction Control applies to all residential rental units in Richmond, except as follows: Any second small unit that is legally permitted pursuant Richmond Municipal Code section 15.04.810 on the same grounds as a single family home, such as a tiny house, attic]

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