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Is pecuniary a legal term?

Is pecuniary a legal term?

Pecuniary refers to a something related to money, such as a monetary interest or award.

What does pecuniary mean in a will?

A gift of money in a will. A pecuniary legacy is usually a general legacy, but may also be specific or demonstrative.

What is pecuniary interest in law?

Pecuniary Interest: Members must disclose a. direct or indirect pecuniary interest in matters. that are before Council for consideration. Although not defined in the Act, the dictionary. defines pecuniary as “relating to money”.

What does non pecuniary mean in law?

Non-pecuniary losses, or non-economic damages, are those damages that are not economic in nature, yet still affect a person’s lifestyle and enjoyment of life. They cannot be quantified mathematically like lost income or medical bills.

Can people be pecuniary?

What is Pecuniary in the Legal System. As a legal term, pecuniary refers to something that is in the form of money. People can have a pecuniary interest in something, meaning their interest can be measured in dollars.

What is a pecuniary amount?

A pecuniary bequest is defined as a grant of a specified sum of money from a trust or estate. In its simplest form, a pecuniary bequest consists of a distribution of an amount of cash or a specific asset designated in the trust or estate document.

What is pecuniary punishment?

Pecuniary penalties are non-criminal monetary penalties imposed by a court in civil proceedings that apply the civil standard of proof (“the balance of probabilities”). Although pecuniary penalties are not criminal sanctions, they can have serious reputational and financial effects on a person or entity.

Are pecuniary damages general?

Pecuniary damages (also known as “special damages”) are those that can be measured in dollars, such as loss of past and future earnings, medical costs or care expenses. Non-pecuniary damages (also known as “general damages”) are those that can’t be measured in monetary terms.

What is a non-pecuniary damage?

What is a pecuniary damage?

There are two subcategories of compensatory damages: Pecuniary damages are damages that have a discernible, quantifiable monetary amount attached to them. Examples include medical bills, property damage and loss of wages. Non-pecuniary damages are damages that are not as discernible and quantifiable.

What does pecuniary liability mean?

pecuniary liability. A personal, joint, or corporate monetary obligation to make good any lost, damaged, or destroyed property resulting from fault or neglect.

What does the name pecuniary mean?

The term pecuniary refers to something paid or given in money, or a monetary interest in something. For example, a person who owns stock in a company is said to have a pecuniary interest in the company, because his investment, loss, and gains can be measured in dollars.

What is a sentence for pecuniary?

Pecuniary in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb…) 1 She denies obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception. 2 He was trying to get a pecuniary advantage for himself. 3 It need not be a pecuniary advantage. 4 Crimes of pecuniary indecency have become standard corporate conduct.

What are pecuniary damages?

Pecuniary damages are economic, out-of-pocket losses suffered by a person as a result of another person’s illegal conduct. They are awarded by a judge or a jury in a civil court case. This type of an award is a category of special damages and is distinct from other types of monetary awards that may be available in…

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