What rapper went to an Ivy League school?

What rapper went to an Ivy League school?

Ja Rule is a Harvard Business School graduate sort of On Tuesday, the gravely voiced rapper took to Twitter to show off his certificate of completion from the Ivy League university, while humbly bragging, “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…”

Which rapper is educated?

Jeffrey Campbell, aka the Educated Rapper, aka EMD, was one-fourth of U.T.F.O., which stands for Untouchable Force Organization, along with the Kangol Kid, Doctor Ice, and Mix Master Ice.

What rapper has a college degree?

Who is the most famous rapper with a degree? Lil Wayne tops our list. In 2008, Lil Wayne received an honorary degree from the University of Houston. Likewise, LL Cool J received an honorary degree from Northeastern University in 2014.

Why do most rappers not make?

Most artists that are signed to labels make zero dollars off their music because they don’t own their music the label does. Plus they only get a small percentage of the sales and on top of that many artists are in debt to the label because of the cash advances they have already received.

Does Jay Z have a degree?

Trenton Central High School
K605 George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High SchoolEli Whitney High School

Does Jay Z have a college degree?

What rapper has a Phd?

Waka Flocka
Waka Flocka has just been given an honorary doctorate degree in philanthropy and humanitarianism. The rapper, now holding a “Dr.” to his name, has joined a list of other artists who have also received doctorates — Kanye West, who received his from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; P.

Did Lil Pump actually go to Harvard?

Despite the misspelled title of his new album, Lil Pump did not drop out of Harvard. He never went to Harvard. Hell, the 18-year-old never even went to any college, since he never finished high school. That, though, is a Harvard Radio student event, not a Harvard University event.”

Are there any musicians that went to Ivy League schools?

Check out this list of musicians who went to Ivy League schools. Lauryn Hill released her first solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, in 1998 to critical and popular acclaim. Before the songstress and rapper was making hits and setting industry standards, Hill was a Columbia undergraduate.

Are there any rappers that have a college degree?

The College Consensus ranking of the Top 10 Rappers with College Degrees is focused on the hip-hop legends and stars who have done their time in higher education and earned degrees – even if they don’t boast about their BAs along with their gold chains and Lambos (although rap stardom might be a good way to pay off student loans ).

Is it easy to get into Ivy League schools?

Ivy League schools are notoriously challenging to gain admission to. With acceptances rates as low as 4.5%, walking the hallowed halls of these New England schools is no easy feat. These musicians beat the odds twice— once to get into a super tough university, and again to make their mark on the music industry.

How old was Young MC when he started rapping?

The British-born rapper and producer known as Young MC is forever defined by his biggest hit, “Bust a Move,” but don’t reduce Marvin Young to a one-hit wonder. Growing up in Hollis, Queens (also the home of Run-DMC), Young MC started rapping at 10 years old, because that was the culture in the air.

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