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Is General Woundwort killed by the dog?

Is General Woundwort killed by the dog?

Although Woundwort’s body is never found, making it unclear if he survives the encounter, the dog survives with minor injuries inflicted by the General. He has also killed the leaders of other warrens personally and “imposed his will” on groups of rabbits all by himself on more than one occasion.

What did General Woundwort promise to do to Bigwig?

He had not forgotten his promise to Bigwig—that he would kill the tuft-headed rabbit himself.

Who does General Woundwort kill?

In the original novel, Woundwort has slain the leaders of other warrens personally and defeated groups of other rabbits all by himself on more than one occasion. In the climax of all but one adaption, Woundwort also comes very close to killing Bigwig in single combat, despite the latter using a surprise attack on him.

How did woundwort become Chief Rabbit?

Woundwort later went out to fight the dog, but his fate is left uncertain, allowing his spirit to live on as a bogeyman in rabbit folklore. General Woundwort was a cruel and unforgiving tyrant who ruled as a dictator over his miserable warren. Campion became the Efrafan Chief Rabbit after Woundwort’s defeat.

What does woundwort do when the dog attacks?

Woundwort moves down into the burrow and prepares to attack. Bigwig has had to leave Fiver on the other side because he would not wake up, but Woundwort thinks Fiver is dead and leaves him alone.

What happened to Blackavar Watership Down?

Blackavar survives the attack on Watership Down in the book, miniseries and possibly the TV series, but dies in the film adaption. Since the moment Blackavar is killed, Woundwort has his lips covered with blood for the rest of the film.

Why does General Woundwort want to talk to Bigwig What is he trying to find out?

Bigwig insists this story because the story is a life threatening story, he thinks he is going to die, and he wants to hear if they survive of not.

What is the bad rabbit in Watership Down?

General Woundwort
General Woundwort is a “singular rabbit”, almost as big as a hare, who rears up late to dominate the third act of Richard Adams’s Watership Down. He is the leader of Efrafa, an oppressed, overcrowded warren which he runs along the lines of a Stasi state, crushing political dissent in the name of security.

WHO removed the bullets from Hazel’s leg?

Bigwig runs down to help and finds Hazel sleeping. The next morning, Kehaar comes down and pulls the shotgun pellets out of Hazel’s leg.

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