What can I do with Asia Miles points?

What can I do with Asia Miles points?

In addition to flight awards, Asia Miles members can also redeem miles and enjoy fabulous awards such as hotel stays at 60,000 hotels, car rental services in 21 countries and thousands of lifestyle and experience awards. Asia Miles is open to anyone aged 2 or above and is free to join.

Are Asia Miles worth it?

Asia Miles are valued at an average of 1.2 cents when used for award flights, but can be worth more or less depending on the cabin class and distance of the flight. Outside of flight awards, miles can also be used for hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and more.

How do I keep Asia Miles from expiring?

So, what can you do with expiring Asia Miles? First, the good news is if your miles were earned on or after January 1, 2020, you can easily extend them by just transferring over some Membership Rewards or ThankYou points, like I mentioned earlier.

How do I redeem my Asia Miles?

How can I redeem Asia Miles? If you are redeeming flight awards, Upgrades Awards or Companion Ticket Awards with Cathay Pacific, log on to, then redeem and book your flights through the Online Booking Service.

Can I use Asia Miles to buy a ticket for someone else?

Can I use my Asia Miles to redeem an Asia Miles Travel Services hotel, car rental or experience award for someone else? Yes, you can redeem a hotel, car rental or experience award for anyone in your redemption group.

Do Asia Miles expire?

Thanks to our updated Miles expiry policy, Asia Miles earned on or after 1 January 2020 no longer expire — as long as you earn or redeem your Miles regularly. Keeping Miles active is a breeze!

How long are Asia Miles valid for?

three years
Asia Miles are valid for three years from the month mileage is credited.

Can I claim Asia Miles after flight?

If your flights and fare classes are eligible, miles will be credited to your Asia Miles account within 4 to 6 weeks after completing your travels.

Can You Redeem Asia Miles on any airline?

Members should refer to the “Redeem miles” section of for details. Flight Awards and participating Partner Airlines may be subject to change or withdrawal. Certain sectors and destinations for each Asia Miles Airline Partner may not be eligible for Flight Award redemption.

What are the terms of redemption for Asia Miles?

2.9. The Asia Miles Co-branded Credit Card Dining Awards Discount Redemption offer is only applicable to principal cardholders of an Asia Miles Co-branded Credit Card and subject to the Terms and Conditions in the section titled “Asia Miles Co-branded Credit Card Redemption Privileges”. 2.10.

How to redeem Asia Miles with Cathay Pacific?

Redeem Asia Miles Redeem flight awards Flight & service awards Flight award finder Hotel, car rental, travel experience awards Lifestyle awards Club offers and updates Offers and updates Connect Join Marco Polo Club

Where can I use my club points Asia Miles?

Club points Asia Miles Your account Update your profile Digital membership card Your account Update your profile Your account Update your profile Sign out Offers Popular destinations Discover the best fares All destinations Flights to Hong Kong Flights to Manila

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