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What is the message of the stained glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle?

What is the message of the stained glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle?

Within these 15 stained glass windows are 1,113 separate scenes taken from the old and new testament. They tell the story of the Bible and how the holy relics that were once housed here made their way to Paris. Its common practice in Catholicism to house holy objects inside ornate containers called a reliquary.

How many windows does Sainte-Chapelle have?

The most famous features of the chapel, among the finest of their type in the world, are the fifteen great stained-glass windows in the nave and apse of the upper chapel, which date from the mid-13th century, as well as the later rose window (put in place in the 15th century).

What are the primary subjects of the stained glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle?

The windows of the upper chapel depict scenes from both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian bible. They start with Genesis, the creation of Earth and the heavens, Adam and Eve, and as they continue throughout the chapel, they depict the life, death, and the resurrection of Christ.

Why is the upper chapel of Sainte-Chapelle considered an architectural reliquary?

The Sainte-Chapelle is a reliquary chapel meant to house a number of relics, particularly the Passion relics. Like other large churches, its construction included a nave, apse and vaulting. Many things were stripped from the building, including relics, reliquaries and the baldachin.

What was the purpose of the signature frames found at the bottom of many stained glass windows?

What was the purpose of the “signature frames” found at the bottom of many stained-glass windows? The “signature frames” found at the bottom of many stained-glass windows designated the trade guild or benefactor who paid for the window.

What is the most expensive stained glass window?

Question: What is the most expensive stained-glass window in the world? Answer: We can’t find the most expensive one, but the oldest one is in the Cathedral of Augsburg, Germany, depicting the Prophets. It dates from the second half of the 11th century.

What is the element of rose window?

The radiating elements consisted of an intricate network of wavy, double-curved bars, creating new geometric forms and flame shapes, as well as furnishing a diagonal bracing to the whole composition, adding to its structural strength. The early 16th-century transept rose of the Beauvais cathedral is an example.

How tall are the stained glass windows at the Sainte Chapelle?

The Sainte-Chapelle is known around the world for it’s collection of 15 stained glass windows that are 15 meters tall. They tell the story of the Bible, and how the relics that were housed there came to Paris. And, that’s not all. Keep reading for 5 interesting facts about Sainte-Chapelle’s stained glass windows! Opening hours: Open every day.

When was the rose window at Sainte Chapelle replaced?

The original Western Sainte-Chapelle rose window was replaced in 1495; that was recently restored and unveiled to the public in 2016 and it’s now acknowledged as a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture. The lateral stained glass windows of the upper chapel were the object of a major restoration in 1765]

Where are the best stained glass windows in Paris?

Originally part of the Royal Residence, the Sainte Chapelle in Paris is the finest royal chapel to be built in France and it features a truly exceptional collection of stained glass windows. The visit to Sainte Chapelle’s stained glass windows is on our list of best things to do in Paris.

What kind of iron is used for stained glass at Sainte Chapelle?

Only five colours are used in the Sainte Chapelle stained glass windows – blue (from cobalt), red and green (from copper), purple (from manganese) and yellow (from antimony). In the 13th Century, stained glass was cut with a red hot iron (it would be later cut by diamond).

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