What is an onboard preamp?

What is an onboard preamp?

For those of you who are scratching your heads and going “a wha?…”, an onboard preamp (otherwise known as “active electronics”) is just a fancy way of saying you’re putting EQ controls directly on your bass.

What does a preamp do bass?

A bass preamp pedal is essentially a flexible DI box that features the tone-shaping EQ controls you’d typically find on a bass amp. Acting as a go-between for your bass guitar and a mixing desk/audio interface, a bass preamp pedal allows you to plug directly into a PA system or computer with convincing tone.

Do passive basses have preamps?

A Passive bass is a normal, run of the mill bass with a basic single tone control. The term active bass usually refers to the addition of a preamp, the same as the one in your amp and this preamp is powered by a battery. So think Active is powered, Passive is not.

Do I need a preamp for a passive bass?

When recording, a preamp pedal is often not necessary. A passive bass can provide a good clean signal that the sound engineer will be able to shape into the desired tone. For playing live, if you want to run your signal straight into a PA, a DI box might be more useful than a bass preamp.

What is a preamp vs amp?

A preamp simply boosts the signal, whereas an amp has a much wider range of functions, aside from boosting the line signal. For example, an amp can also mute signals, change the balance between channels, add filters and modifiers to the audio signals, and so much more.

Is a distortion pedal a preamp?

Is it true? Well, it’s true in the sense that these pedals go before the amp, which does technically make them “pre”. But no. They aren’t preamps, per se, which means you could stack an actual preamp with a Tube Screamer or an overdrive.

Do I need preamp onboard?

You’ll need to add a preamp to have those functions. Some preamps offer 2- band, with just bass and treble. Others are 3-band that additionally have a mid-range. If having an onboard equalizer is more convenient for you then using your amps eq, an eq pedal or other outboard gear then go ahead and add one to your bass.

Does a passive pickup need a preamp?

If so, you probably don’t need a preamp. A pickup that’s plugged directly into an amplifier is a “passive” pickup. Certain pickups (like our Pure Pickup) are advertised as passive systems, meaning that they’re designed to sound good even without a preamp.

Which is the best company for Bass preamps?

Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech. Best Bass Gear is proud to be able to offer you a wide array of onboard preamps for your EQ and tone shaping needs.

How many controls does a 3 band bass preamp have?

A 3 band preamp for a 2 pickup bass will have five controls, (one possible configuration could be Volume, Blend, Treble, Mid and Bass). Most likely you’ll want to use two of your four holes for your Volume and Blend controls, leaving you two spots (holes) left.

How many preamps do you need for a 2 pickup bass?

Let’s say your current (2 pickup) bass has 4 knobs (Volume, Blend, Tone1, Tone2) and you want to install a 3 band preamp. A 3 band preamp for a 2 pickup bass will have five controls, (one possible configuration could be Volume, Blend, Treble, Mid and Bass).

What’s the best way to preamps A bass?

On a brand new bass build, the sky can be the limit, but when retrofitting, we do have some ways to avoid drilling new holes in some situations. Stacked pots are a great solution for a lot of basses. Stacked controls use a single potentiometer for two independent functions. Think Treble/Bass or Volume/Volume.

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