Are there any sports teams at Millfield School?

Are there any sports teams at Millfield School?

A panel of Millfield experts explored how pressure can be used to develop successful learning at the latest Education in Sport series at Millfield’s Johnson Hall. At Millfield we cater for players of all abilities and ages. The squad provides both boys and girls teams with matches against other schools in the local area.

When does indoor cricket centre at Millfield open?

Launched in early 2020, the Indoor Cricket and Golf Centres have invested in world-leading technology, including through motion tracking and simulation software, placing Millfield at the forefront of school and university facilities for both sports.

Where to watch Millfield cricket at Glastonbury?

The Sir Gareth Edwards Pitch is Millfield’s showcase rugby pitch, named after former rugby legend Gareth Edwards, who was part of the first team who played on the pitch. The Wilson Cricket Pavilion is the perfect place to watch Millfield Cricket matches with outstanding views of Glastonbury Tor.

Is the Millfield activity programme available to all students?

Athletics is available to all students across the academic year. The Millfield Activity Programme (MAP) allows students to experience the sport and try all of the event areas on the programme. Older students, or those competing at a more advanced level, can select athletics as a full-time option.

How old do you have to be to go to Millfield School?

Courses are available for students aged 6-17 and run in the Easter and summer holidays. Millfield is one of the few independent schools to run its own summer programme which is accredited by the British Council. As well as running our own courses and events, we hire out our facilities on a residential and non-residential basis.

Which is the commercial arm of Millfield School?

Millfield Enterprises is the commercial arm of Millfield School and offer holiday courses and facility hire at both the Street campus and Glastonbury campus.

When do Millfield School compete in ESAA Athletics?

Seventeen Millfield athletes have been selected to compete in the English Schools Athletics Association (ESAA) Championships next week. Millfield’s annual House Athletics competition took place on Wednesday 5 May.

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