How much does a helicopter ride cost in Hawaii?

How much does a helicopter ride cost in Hawaii?

Highlights of a Maui helicopter tour may include the Haleakala National Park, Hana Rainforest, West Maui Mountains and the north shore of Molokai. The price of a Maui helicopter trip varies from about $169.00 – $339.00 plus tax and fuel charge. With all fees included you are looking at $230.00-to $440.00.

How much does it cost to ride a helicopter at Myrtle Beach?

All of our tours are priced per person, double occupancy required. We offer an introductory flight, our Fly4fun ride, for just $20. pp. We also offer 6 Adventure tours that range from $39.99 and up to $179.99 per person.

How much is a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon?

How much does it cost to fly over the Grand Canyon?

Tour Price Duration
1. Golden Eagle Air Tour $299 3.5 – 4 hours
2. Grand Celebration Tour $399 4 – 4.5 hours
3. Grand Voyager Tour $499 7 hours
4. North Canyon Tour $209 25 – 30 minutes

How much is it to ride a helicopter in Maryland?

You can ride with others ($16) or rent it out entirely for privacy….Flight Time Varies Depending on Tour Selected.

Per Person Private Helicopter for 2
Destination Baltimore Tour $249 each $639 total
Charm City Tour $299 each $869 total
Baltimore – Annapolis Skyway Tour $399 each $1,159 total

Are Hawaii helicopter tours worth it?

I say yes, 100% worth it. I recommend that all of my clients go on a helicopter tour if possible. On every island, there are parts of the island that are inaccessible by car. When it comes to helicopter tours, you want to go with the best and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters are undoubtedly the best.

Is there a weight limit for a helicopter ride?

due to FAA regulations. Aircraft Passenger limitations: Helicopter- Max combined passenger weight (3 people) is 575 pounds for tours under 1 hour and 500 for tours of 1 hour like the Big Sur tour. Children over 24 months old must ride in their own seat, infants under 24 months old can ride on an adults lap.

Do you tip your helicopter pilot?

Do you tip your helicopter pilot? Tips are not necessary but are appreciated by your crew. All kids are welcome to ride the helicopter.

Is helicopter ride over Grand Canyon worth it?

Its totally worth taking a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon as guests have an option to see it first hand, with a landing site tour. Nowhere else can you see so much of the Grand Canyon than as a passenger of a helicopter. Guests will get there monies worth as all landmarks will be seen from 1,500ft up.

How much is a helicopter ride in DC?

DC Helicopter Tour Pricing is $1850 USD per hour in a private aircraft. The flight can start and end at Charm City’s Pier 7 or College Park Airport. You should book flights two weeks to 30 days in advance.

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