Can you run analogue cars on Carrera digital track?

Can you run analogue cars on Carrera digital track?

The Carrera Digital Wired or Wireless Controllers will work for both Digital and Analog Mode so you will not need 2 different sets of controllers for each mode. No more chipping your old analog cars just to race them on your digital track.

How does Carrera digital work?

The electric slot car track uses a ‘Digital Control Unit’ or ‘CU’ like our 30352 Carrera digital 124/132 control unit. The CU is like a computer that tells the track and cars what to do with input from the racer. The CU sends a digital signal to the cars and track via the track rails.

Can slot cars change lanes?

The benefit of Carrera’s digital sets is that it supports up to three cars at once and allows for lane switching. Lane changes are done by holding a button on the controller before reaching a special crossover track.

When did Carrera Digital 132 track Come Out?

Carrera Digital 132 tracks were launched in 2007. Digital Carrera slot cars are available in 1:24 and 1:32 scales. The 1:24 scale cars are much larger, as a result, the details are amazing. The new digital technology provides capabilities for up to six drivers and the ability to change lanes and overtake each other at full speed.

Where can I get Carrera digital track plans?

There is a link to download below. The track designs are in PDF format and include an image of the track layout, the track length, and layout dimensions. In addition, they also list all the Carrera track parts needed to assemble so you will know exactly what track components you will need.

What kind of controller do I need for Carrera Digital 132?

Also, if you currently have corded controllers, you can expand the number of racers on the race set by purchasing additional Carrera DIGITAL 132 / 124 corded controllers or the Carrera DIGITAL 132 / 124 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ Set DUO which adds two wireless controllers to your race set.

How to extend pit lane on Carrera digital?

You can also extend the pit lane by using the Carrera DIGITAL 132 / 124 Pit Stop Extension. To be able to view the fuel level of each car you will need to use either or both the Carrera DIGITAL 132 / 124 Driver Display for each car or the AppConnect. You are ready to set up your track.

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