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How much does it cost to study at the Shaolin Temple?

How much does it cost to study at the Shaolin Temple?

For short-termed Shaolin Kung Fu training, you can pay monthly. Referral monthly tuition fee is about $590. There are discounts for the next month, third month… For instance, the tuition fees are $540 for the second month, $490 for the third month, $450 for the fourth month…

Can anyone study at the Shaolin Temple?

One commonly heard myth with regards to the Shaolin Temple is that only men can train there. While it’s true that all the warrior monks teaching at the temple are men, both men and women are equally welcome to come and study there.

Was Bak Mei real?

Bak Mei has been fictionalized in Hong Kong martial arts films such as Executioners from Shaolin (1977), Abbot of Shaolin (1979), and Clan of the White Lotus (1980). Bak Mei as a fictional character is better known in the West as Pai Mei, played by Gordon Liu in the Hollywood action film Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (2004).

Who is Pai Mei based on?

Bak Mei
Trivia (4) The character Priest White Lotus was loosely based on the continuing Taoist character, Pai Mei. In real life, the Taoist Priest Bak Mei (translated to mean “White Eyebrows”) is said to have been a large influence for the demise of Shaolin during the Qing Dynasty.

Is Pai Mei immortal?

Extended Longevity: Pai Mei was said to have been born before the year 1000 and lived, seemingly in perfect health, all the way to the year 2003; he would presumably have lived even longer had he not been poisoned. The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

Is the 5 point exploding heart real?

First of all, regardless of what you hear in the media, hearts don’t explode. They are, in fact, one of the most durable parts of the human body. In fact, a complicated pressure-point technique is unnecessary when most real fighting makes it nearly impossible to achieve with a moving target.

Who kills Pai Mei?

Elle Driver
He was the teacher of Bill, Elle Driver, and Beatrix Kiddo, and was responsible for the removal of Elle’s right eye. He taught Beatrix the fatal movement known as the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and the Three Inch Punch. Pai Mei was poisoned by Elle, as revenge for snatching out her eye.

What did Bak Mei do to the Shaolin temples?

According to legend, Bak Mei played an important part in the downfall of Shaolin temples. Manchu conquered China in 1644. Before then, China had been ruled by the Ming Dynasty, which had been weakened by internal corruption and rebellion.

Where does the art of Bak Mei come from?

Contact us to inquire about the art, the school, or for training. Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung Fu stems from Taoist martial arts traditions tracing back into Chinese history, starting at mount Ngor Mei (E-Mei) near the end of the Ming Dynasty. There are many legends and stories surrounding Bak Mei.

Where did Pak Mei go after the burning temple?

According to kung fu legend, at some point after his escape from the burning temple, Pak Mei is said to have gone to Mount Emei, where he taught his style to the Chan (Zen) master Gwong Wai who then passed it on to Juk Faat Wan.

Who are the Five Elders of the Shaolin Temple?

Pak Mei (also known as Bak Mei, Pak Mee, and Pai Mai) is believed to be one of the Five Elders of the Shaolin who survived a fire that destroyed the main temple at Henan and the subsequent slaughter of the monks that lived there.

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