Did the Divergent cast do their own stunts?

Did the Divergent cast do their own stunts?

SAN DIEGO — Shailene Woodley and Theo James did use talented stunt doubles for some scenes in their new movie, “Divergent,” an adaptation of a YA novel set in dystopian future Chicago, but in a lot of the action sequences were filmed by the actors themselves.

Did they really jump in Divergent?

Divergent may take place in a fictional future, but making it feel as real as possible was key for the cast and the director. Star Shailene Woodley says her stunt double was an important part of that and helped the film look real by going all out for the stunts.

Why are the Divergent movies So Bad?

One possible reason for its collapse is the weakness of the source material. The structure of Divergent’s fictional world was hard to understand, the plots were hard to follow, and the stakes were unclear. That made Divergent different from the YA books that have worked as movies.

Did Tris actually jump in Divergent?

And if you’ve seen the previews or read the book, you know that you’re in for some serious action-packed scenes, including knife throwing, fighting, building-jumping, and more. While Shailene certainly was in on some of the action, she had to rely on a stunt double for the more extreme scenes.

Was Shailene Woodley pregnant during Divergent?

Just take her role in Divergent, for which Winslet did her own stunts – even as she was pregnant with her third child. “We had to refit all of her wardrobe, but then there is a scene where she fights Shailene and she was like, you know, taking the falls and I’m like, ‘Stop, you’re pregnant.

Did Tris actually jump in divergent?

How did Four know Tris was Divergent?

How does Four know that Tris is Divergent? Four realizes that Tris is Divergent because of her ability to manipulate the simulation. It is believed that the Dauntless leaders will kill Tris if she is discovered to be Divergent.

What Four fears has Tris faced at this point?

What Four fears has Tris faced by Chapter 21? Being burned alive by Peter, drowning in an ocean, watching her family bleed to death, and being forced to shoot her family.

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