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What are the different types of rally tires?

What are the different types of rally tires?

Designed to meet FIA regulations it features diagonal grooves intersecting two circumference grooves. Available in four compounds – Wet, Soft, Medium and Hard. The tread pattern can be cut into a intermediate or wet tread design. Building on our winning line of race tires Hoosier offers our race proven Gravel Rally Tires.

What kind of rally tires do Hoosier make?

Gravel Rally Tires. Building on their winning line of racing tires Hoosier presents Stage Rally tires. Two years in development, testing and racing in the US, UK and South Africa, and approved by the Motor Sport Association of the United Kingdom. Made with an asymmetrical tread design that delivers performance in soft and loose surfaces…

What should tire temp be for rally tires?

A well balanced vehicle will also be within 25 degrees front to rear on tire temps. On-stage tire temperatures should average 200 degrees. Working tire pressures will vary according to the type and weight of the vehicle.

How big are rally tires on a rocket?

In its fourth-generation model year of 2011, this rally cross inspired rocket has garnered quite the reputation from shade tree mechanics up through professional drivers. In stock showroom trim, tire size 235/45R17 is the size seen almost exclusively.

What kind of wheels are in Rallysport direct?

RallySport Direct carries a great selection of wheels to improve the looks and handling in your vehicle. More importantly, RallySport Direct carries quality wheels from the likes of Gram Lights, Volk Racing, Enkei, and WedsSport. Whether you’re looking for a rugged rally, lightweight tarmac, or clean show car wheel, we have something for you.

Is there a free shipping option on Rallysport direct?

Free shipping is available within the lower 48 states for orders totaling $99 or more. Simply select the free shipping option during checkout. Even though expedited shipping is not free we will still discount the free shipping option from the expedited shipping cost for you.

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