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What does Ghorboonet Beram meaning?

What does Ghorboonet Beram meaning?

1) Ghorboonet beram = I will die/destroy myself for you. Used in a sentence: “Merci, ghorboonet beram!” = “Thank you, I’ll die for you!” You can use this phrase literally anywhere, and in Persian, it’s actually used when you’re trying to express how much someone means to you or how much you appreciate the person.

What does Sobh Bekheir mean?

[slowly] Sobh bekheir. Sobh is Persian for “morning,” and bekheir means “to be good.” So it really means “Wishing you a good morning.” In Persian, we don’t say “good afternoon” or “good evening” very much. “Good morning” and “good night” are used more often.

What does Fadat besham mean?

4. Fadat besham “فدات بشم” The ultimate expression of affection, this phrase means “I am willing to sacrifice myself for you.” Use this expression the next time someone says something super adorable that makes you melt.

What does Khaste Nabashi meaning?

We Persian speakers have a common idiom, Khaste Nabaashid, and usually say it to someone who finished a task or is in the middle of doing that. The literal translation of the idiom is something like don’t be tired or I hope you do not feel tired.

What does Fadat mean?

May I be sacrificed for you, which means I adore you, I love you very much.It is also used as sweetie, honey or love. فدات بشم Fadat besham. or in short form. فدات

What does Zood stand for in Urban Dictionary?

Zoodis a slang term for drunk or drunkenness which includes: # aled up (mainly North UK)# ankled(mainly Bristol)# arse over tit# lubricated# Yoopered (Lower Peninsula of Michigan slang)# zonked **# zooted# zood Person 1) What I think about a truffle is that It’s a tuber, not a mushroom, “zood”.

What does Zood Bash Digeh Joon Bekan mean?

Used in a sentence: “Zood bash digeh, joon bekan!” = “Hurry up already, pick life!” This is a personal favourite of mine and I’m guilty of using it many times throughout the week, or… day. This doesn’t mean to pick life, rather hurry.

What do special characters mean in bash script?

If it has a meaning beyond its literal meaning, a meta-meaning, then we refer to it as a special character. Along with commands and keywords, special characters are building blocks of Bash scripts. Special Characters Found In Scripts and Elsewhere

What does the$?mean in bash script?

– This is one special parameter/variable in bash. $? – It gives the value stored in the variable “?”. Some similar special parameters in BASH are 1,2,*,# ( Normally seen in echo command as $1 ,$2 , $* , $# , etc., ) . It has the last status code (exit value) of a command.

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