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What does mark for removal mean in Blackboard?

What does mark for removal mean in Blackboard?

Once the second document is attached, then you may mark the first document for removal. If you do not attach a second document before removing the first, then your assignment will be locked and you can no longer add new attachments to your assignment.

How do you post a discussion on blackboard?

If you are using the Blackboard Groups feature, you may find it useful to have a discussion board for each group….To add a discussion board to the Blackboard Course Menu:Click the Discussions link on the Course Menu.Click Create Forum Link.Type a name for the link and choose the options you need.Click Submit.

How do I start a new thread on blackboard?

How to Create a ThreadNavigate to your course Home Page.From the Course Menu, click Discussion Boards (Note: faculty must add a Tool link to the Course Menu), OR…From the Course Menu, click Tools and then click Discussion Boards.Select a Forum to open.Click Create Thread Entry.Enter a name for your Thread.

How do I post a picture on Blackboard discussion board?

Images can be placed within a Blackboard discussion post using these steps:The image needs to be saved as an image file such as JPEG. Put your cursor where you want to insert the image in Blackboard.Right click the mouse.Select Insert Image.Browse your computer for the image file you want.

How do I embed something in blackboard?

To embed the content, select Insert/Edit Media from Web from the editor. Paste the link in Media URL. Select Insert. To edit the image’s source or alternative text, select the image in the editor and then select Insert/Edit Image from Web.

How do I upload a GIF to Blackboard?

Click the Control Panel, click Settings, click Course Design, and click Course Banner. Click Browse… and find the image or gif on your hard drive. Click Submit and click OK.

How do I upload multiple files to Blackboard?

How to Add Multiple Files into a Course in BlackboardIn the Control Panel, select Files and then select the Course ID link.In the Files: [course name] page that displays, select the Create Folder button.Enter the Folder Name (e.g., Chapter 7 Practice Problems) and select Submit. Select the folder name displayed on the folder page.

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