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What is Sprint MMS picture mail?

What is Sprint MMS picture mail?

Picture Mail provided a web portal for Sprint users to access MMS photographs and videos that they’d sent or received, where they could organize them into albums, download them, and share them with friends.

How do I view my Sprint Picture Mail Online?

From your online Sprint PCS Picture Mail albums display at, you can select pictures to download to your phone’s In Phone folder.

Does Sprint save picture messages?

You : How do I go back and view my records of photos texted on my phone in past months? ….. Thomas D : Due to privacy concerns, Sprint doesn’t store text message content, which is the actual text in the messages sent between you and someone else.

Why are my picture messages not sending?

If your smartphone refuses to send or receive picture messages, check that data connection is active and enabled on your device. If you’re using Wi-Fi, temporarily disable Wi-Fi and use cellular data. You cannot send MMS over Wi-Fi, so you should make sure you have an active cellular/mobile data plan.

Can you view pictures sent on Sprint?

When you upload pictures from a Sprint phone or send them to or from the phone as picture messages, they become accessible online, and you can view them as Sprint picture mail. You must create an online account for your phone so you can view and download copies of your pictures to your computer’s hard drive.

How do I stop receiving picture messages?

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  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Advanced.
  3. Switch Auto-download MMS to Off.

Why can I not send pictures from my iPhone?

If your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and your iPhone won’t send pictures, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi. If your iPhone won’t send pictures when it’s not connected to Wi-Fi, go somewhere that has Wi-Fi, connect to the Wi-Fi network in Settings -> Wi-Fi, and try sending the message again.

What is the difference between MMS and SMS messaging?

A text message of up to 160 characters without an attached file is known as an SMS, while a text that includes a file—like a picture, video, emoji, or a website link—becomes an MMS.

Where do I Find My Pictures on my Sprint phone? To view your online pictures from your phone: 1. Select Menu > Pictures > My Albums > Online Albums. (Depending on your settings you may be prompted to accept a Sprint PCS Vision connection.) (The My Uploads folder and your albums are displayed.) 2. Highlight My Uploads or an album title and press to display.

Why do I need to connect to my sprint account?

Connecting to your account lets us quickly confirm your options, pricing and personal information. I forgot my Username or Password . Easily view or pay bills, update your account preferences, monitor data usage, upgrade online and get special offers. You left some items in your Cart.

How long does it take for a sprint voicemail to Time Out?

For security reasons, your session will time out in 2 minutes unless you choose to continue. Connecting to your account lets us quickly confirm your options, pricing and personal information. I forgot my Username or Password .

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