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Does Webex use port 5004?

Does Webex use port 5004?

(2) The recommendation to open your firewall for encrypted media traffic over UDP/TCP on port 33434 has been deprecated. However, Webex will still probe and use this port if port 5004 is not open. (3) The Webex Web-based app and Webex SDK do not support media over TLS.

Does Webex use port 80?

Most DNS queries are made over UDP; however, DNS queries may use TCP as well. The Webex Client makes the majority of its data transfers and loading using HTTPS over port 443. In some cases, port 80 will also be used before being redirected to a secure connection.

What servers does Webex use?

Cisco WebEx Meetings Server is a virtualized, software-based solution that runs on Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) Servers and VMware. It uses virtual appliance technology for rapid turn-up of services to end users.

How many connections can Webex handle?

Webex Service Type Capacity
Webex Free Offer 100
Webex Meetings 1000
Webex Events 3000
Webex Training *Breakout Sessions 1000 *Up to 100 Breakout sessions *Up to 100 participants per Breakout *Note: The total number of participants cannot exceed 1000.

Does Webex Support H 323?

There are many ways that you can join Webex meetings from video systems. Whether you use Cisco Systems, Polycom, or other SIP- or H. 323-based video systems or a Cisco Webex room or desk device, you can easily start or join a Webex meeting.

Does Webex use TCP or UDP?

Webex utilizes port 9000 for the Webex Events Audio Broadcast feature. If unable to connect, it will use TCP 443. The Webex client will try to connect to a Multimedia server over UDP port 9000. If unable to establish a connection over UDP 9000, it will use TCP port 443.

Is Webex a premiership?

Now that Webex Teams works with on-premise and cloud devices, it works with every meeting room and gives you a similar experience to cloud-registered devices. During the meeting, everyone can connect to the device and control the meeting.

Who owns Cisco Webex?

Cisco Systems
Webex by Cisco/Parent organizations

What is better Webex or zoom?

Based on consumer feedback, Zoom is more user-friendly as compared to Webex. Zoom allows users to instantly join an online video conference or meeting, with common features across all devices. Webex requires a more lengthy registration and checkin process compared to Zoom. With Zoom you’re into your meeting faster.

What ports does WebEx use?

For media functionality, WebEx Telepresence devices initiate User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections by using the following ports: Cisco IP Video Phone E20: UDP ports range from 2326 to 2358. Codec C series, EX series, MX series, SX series, and VX series devices: UDP ports range from 2326 to 2487.

How much does WebEx cost?

The first thing to know is that the cost of Cisco Webex has dropped from $89/user to $29 over the last year, and our sources say that $30/user/month is pretty much the upper limit for business purchases these days.

What is Cisco WebEx player?

The Cisco Webex Player is an application that is used to play back Webex meetings that have been recorded in WRF format by an online meeting attendee. The Cisco Webex Player can be installed only manually from the Cisco Webex site.

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