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What does Thermax Company do?

What does Thermax Company do?

Integrated products in the areas of heating, cooling, power, water and waste management, air pollution control and chemicals. Thermax Ltd is an Indian engineering company, involved in energy and environment, headquartered in Pune.

Who is the owner of Thermax?

RDA Holdings Private Limited
Thermax/Parent organizations

What is Thermax technology?

Over the last 30 years, Thermax has been offering its clients in India and other countries, biomass based equipment for energy generation. It already has a range of technologies such as fluidised bed combustion and traveling grate for extracting energy from a wide variety of biomass.

Which is considered as one of the important values of Thermax *?

Thermax is committed to ‘Conserving Resources and Preserving the Future’, two areas vital for the world. We support industry and business establishments to be energy efficient and environment-friendly.

Where does Anu Aga live?

Pune, Maharashtra
Today, Arnavaz ‘Anu’ Aga lives in Pune, Maharashtra. Her daughter, Meher Pudumjee is the current Chairperson of Thermax, taking over from her mother in 2004.

In which year did Thermax get into the water treatment business to complement its boiler business?

Thermax came to business in 30th June of the year 1980.

When was Thermax founded?

Thermax came to business in 30th June of the year 1980. Tulsi Fine Chemical Industries Private Ltd and Kailas Castings Private Ltd were merged with the company with effective from 1st July of the year 1982. As at 1st July 1989 Thermax became a deemed public company.

What kind of business does Thermax have in Thailand?

Thermax’s presence in Thailand is an integral part of its footprint in Southeast Asia. We have been operating in the region for the last 30 years. Thailand has a fairly large sugar industry, leading to a healthy demand for our large boilers and fired heaters, with biomass being one of the primary fuels.

What does Thermax heating and cooling systems do?

Thermax’s systems, products and services help industry achieve better resource productivity, and improve bottom lines while maintaining a clean environment. It’s portfolio includes products for heating, cooling, water and waste management, and specialty chemicals.

How does Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Ltd work?

The Absorption Cooling and Heating business provides industrial as well as commercial cooling by making use of energy – efficient vapour absorption chillers. Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Ltd. (TOESL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thermax limited offers sustainable solutions by supplying utilities through outsourcing route.

What does Thermax do for the sugar industry?

The company’s boiler and heater business has supplied over 30 units to the sugar industry in the region along with Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP).

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