What size is the Seiko SKX007?

What size is the Seiko SKX007?

The SKX007 case comes in at approximately 42.5mm wide, and 45.5mm if you include the crown. The lug width is 22mm, and the lug-to-lug length is a very reasonable and accommodating 46mm, so it should wear comfortably on a wide range of wrists.

Is the Seiko SKX007 discontinued?

However, to the best of our knowledge, Seiko has discontinued the SKX007. Typical of the Japanese brand, they did so sometime recently without any announcement, and because new units are still available it was easy to miss the demise of this now-classic diver.

Is SKX007 Seiko 5?

It’s a story that leads to many many Seikos, but like many of you, it started with one true enthusiast-loved model – the SKX007. The classic Seiko SKX007. The brief is still very much a Seiko 5, but the look is just a skootch off of the SKX007.

How big is the Seiko SKX?

The Details The stainless steel sports watch comes in at 42mm wide with a thickness of 13.5mm the SKX is a modern proportioned piece. A lug to lug length of 46mm really assists this piece feels very wearable on the wrist – more on that later.

Will SKX013 SKX007 dial fit?

All our dials and hands will fit both the SKX007 and SKX013 as they share the same workhorse 7s26 movement.

What is the difference between SKX007 and SKX013?

What is the Difference Between Seiko SKX007 and SKX013? The main difference lies in its size and weight as the SKX007 follows a 42mm x 13 mm casing, whereas the SKX013 comes at a smaller look with its 38mm x 13mm size.

Why was Seiko SKX discontinued?

As well, the movement couldn’t be wound by hand, and one could not stop its second hand to set the time to the second accurate. Probably because of these reasons, and because the SKX wasn’t ISO 6425-certified (I guess), Seiko meant to stop production and focus on diver’s watches with higher overall standards.

How long will a Seiko SKX007 last?

Somewhere between 1 and 200 years depending on how it is treated….. I have to many Seiko’s said no one ever….

Is the Seiko SKX007 ISO certified?

The Seiko SKX007 is certified to ISO 6425 which is the standard used for diving watches. It has the classic sporty look of a divers watch and is water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters or 20 ATM).

Why is the Seiko SKX so popular?

Practical, value oriented, reliable, durable, accurate, iconic, classic, easy to read complete with day and date and it’s a certified diver. Seiko has great heritage. And yes it also looks good in a variety of straps and bracelets making it very versatile. So many options for mods to those into that hobby.

When was Seiko SKX discontinued?


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