Is AKG Y50 good?

Is AKG Y50 good?

The AKG Y50 are low-cost portable headphones, offering a cheaper alternative to the Beats Solo 2. They’re on-ear, bold in design and have a slightly bassy sound that puts that extra bit of energy into your music. However, in usual AKG fashion, they keep enough of an eye on balance to keep audio obsessives happy.

Is AKG a good headphone brand?

AKG Acoustics is definitely a superb brand for headphones. With noise cancelling technology, plenty of durability, and 23 pairs of headphones meant for professional use, buying from AKG is a no brainer. AKG’s products would be good for any professional, whether you are in an office or in a music studio.

Is AKG Y50 wireless?

The AKG Y50 are some of the best budget on-ear headphones available. And the AKG Y50BT are simply the Bluetooth wireless version of that pair.

Is AKG C50BT same as Y50BT?

The C50BT model is the equivalent version of Y50BT model made for a different market. This means that essentially there is no difference between the two models C50BT and Y50BT, in both specifications and design.

Does AKG Y50 have a mic?

AKG Y50 On-Ear Headphones with In-Line One-Button Universal Remote/Mic, Red.

How long does it take to charge AKG Y50BT?

Charging from zero to 100% could take five to six hours with a 5V charger. That’s quite a long charge time. So it may be suitable to put it on charge just before you go to bed. On the flip side, the AKG Y50BT boasts an impressive 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Does AKG Y500 have microphone?

1-button universal remote/mic With its award-winning signature sound, high-quality streaming capabilities, built for durability with the finest materials and thanks to the AAC codec support, the AKG Y500 Wireless headphones deliver inspiration in the form of amazing audio.

What kind of Headphone does AKG Y50 have?

The Y50’s are a portable on ear headphone and come in many color options, they also come with a in-line one-button universal remote/mic. The Y series headphone line up is geared towards today’s younger generation, the tuning of their sound signature backs this up also.

What kind of battery life does AKG y50bt have?

Bluetooth enabled for seamless connectivity and capable of more than 20 hours of battery lifefor spontaneous acts of artistry,the AKG Y50BTs feature 40mm drivers for balanced powerful soundand the same sound quality of the Y50, which was awarded with the What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision 2014 headphone product of the Year Award.

Why are AKG y 50s good for the road?

AKG Y 50s adhere to your on-the-go lifestyle, designed to fold down neatly for safe storage in a compact, protected pouch. This keeps them safe when you’re not using them – but ready to come into play whenever you need to take them with you. AKG puts the fun into serious listening

What makes the y50bt Bluetooth headphones so good?

The music never stops. The Y50BT works with a by-pass cable that allows you to enjoy your favorite jams even if you run out of battery. A clear, word-class and award winning acoustic signature that will take your musical enjoyment and appreciation to new levels.

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