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What is the formula for silver arsenide?

What is the formula for silver arsenide?

Silver arsenide (Ag2As)

PubChem CID 6337283
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Molecular Formula Ag2As
Synonyms Silver arsenide (Ag2As) Disilver arsenide EINECS 274-573-2 70333-07-2
Molecular Weight 290.658

What is silver arsenate used for?

Silver Arsenate is used in qualitative analysis to distinguish between phosphate (Ag3PO4 is yellow) and arsenate (V) solutions. A qualitative test for arsenate ion provides the basis for a colorful demonstration of the principles of relative acid strength, solubility product, and effects of pH on solubility.

How soluble is silver arsenate?

Silver arsenate

Density 6.657 g/cm3
Melting point 830 °C (1,530 °F; 1,100 K) (decomposes)
Solubility in water 0.64 mg/L
Solubility soluble in acid, aqueous ammonia

Is Ag3AsO4 a precipitate?

the arsenic in a 9.1310g sample of pesticide was converted to arsenate (AsO4^-3) and the arsenate precipitated as Ag3AsO4(s) with 45.65mL of 0.02105 Ag+ ion solution. This precipitation is complete and consumed all Ag+ ions in the precipitate formation.

Does arsenic react with silver?

They took to using silver chopsticks to detect arsenic in their food! Silver reacts with sulphides to form black silver sulphide, the bane of silverware lovers. Any sulphide will do, including the traces of hydrogen sulphide normally present in air or arsenic sulphide that may be present in food.

Is ag3aso4 a salt?

Description. Silver arsenate is the silver salt of arsenate, being highly toxic. Arsenates are used in some wood preservatives, finishing agents, and as reagents in various chemical reactions.

Can Silver really detect poison?

Silver can test poison, but it only reacts with ancient arsenic. Silver is chemically stable and has a high resistance to corrosion. As a disadvantage, it is easy to chemically react with sulfur ions in the air, which turns black (the surface forms sulfur oxides).

Can a silver needle detect poison?

As Song Ci instructs: “To confirm that poisoning has taken place, a silver needle that has been scrubbed in soapy water should be stuck into the victim’s mouth. If the needle turns a blackish color that cannot be washed off, then poisoning can be confirmed.”

What is the name of PB ClO3 4?

Ionic Compound Naming and Writing Formulas List 2

Lead(IV) Permanganate Pb(MnO4)4
Lead(IV) Chlorate Pb(ClO3)4
Lead(IV) Carbonate Pb(CO3)2
Lead(IV) Chromate Pb(CrO4)2

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