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Was there a 1920 census?

Was there a 1920 census?

Name index of population schedules listing inhabitants of the United States in 1920. This was the fourteenth census conducted since 1790. There were 107.5 million individuals enumerated this census year. The index was created by FamilySearch and

Are there any 1890 Census records?

Most of the 1890 census’ population schedules were badly damaged by a fire in the Commerce Department Building in January 1921. A photo of the damage caused to censu records following the January 1921 fire. …

Where can I find the 1920 population census?

This catalog lists the 1920 population schedules, reproduced as microfilm publication T625, and the 1920 Soundex indexes. This microfilm has been reproduced by the National Archives and Records Administration from the highest quality master negatives available from the Bureau of the Census.

What was the population of the United States in 1910?

This catalog supplements the Federal Population Censuses, 1790-1890, the 1900 Federal Population Census, and the 1910 Federal Population Census catalogs, which contain details for ordering copies of the population schedules for 1790-1910 and of the 1880-1910 Soundexes. Printed versions of these catalogs can also be ordered.

Who are the people on the individual census card?

The individual card gives the names of people other than those in the immediate household (husband, wife, son, daughter) that are enumerated with a family. These include grandparents, cousins, boarders, and servants. The card also shows the name of the head of the household or the institution name where the person is living.

What are the numbers on a microfilm census?

The microfilm may also show code numbers or letters in some of the columns. Clerks added these codes in red ink (which cannot be distinguished on the microfilm) after the census, to be punched into the cards used to tabulate the census results.

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