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What happens in H2O season 2 Episode 26?

What happens in H2O season 2 Episode 26?

Water flows from the taps and it cannot be turned off. Ash is terrified of what is happening. Lewis goes outside to check on what’s happening with Charlotte. Lewis tries to speak to her reason, but it does not work, so he decides to take her to Mako to the Moon Pool.

What happens in the last episode of H2O?

April 16, 2010
H2O: Just Add Water/Final episode date

What episode of H2O does Emma tells Ash?

Riding For A Fall episode 924 min. Emma meets Ash – a handsome horse riding instructor. A horse falls ill and Emma must use her powers to fix it. Lewis accidentally invites both Charlotte and Cleo to an awards dinner.

Is there a season 4 of H20 Just Add Water?

The fourth season of the Australian television series H2O: Just Add Water, commenced airing in on July 4, 2016 and will consist of 26 episodes. The season continues the story of Cleo, Rikki and Bella, with the return of long-gone Emma and the addition of a new member.

Which is the last episode of H2O Just Add Water?

Unfathomable is the 26th and final episode of Season 2 of H 2 O: Just Add Water. It was originally meant to be the series finale.

What happens in over our heads in H2O?

In Over Our Heads Zane hears of a treasure under the ocean and enlists the girls to find it. Rikki is injured in the search. Zane gives Rikki the reward. Charlotte contrives to keep Lewis from the girls. 12. Fish Fever Emma starts acting weird after pricking her finger on a barb of coral. Cleo’s fish Hector exhibits the same behavior.

What happens in Episode 26 of Just Add Water?

Ash runs up to Emma and asks about the situation to which Emma replies that it is just an accident. Lewis is doing research with Max. Max tells Lewis that the planets will be lined up that night, which increases the moon’s effect and can take away the girls’ powers.

Who is fired at ice cream stand in H2O?

In Hot Water Everyone is shocked when Cleo is fired at the Ice Cream Stand, and even more so when Lewis takes her place! Rikki and Emma strike back at him but end up going too far. 8. Wrong Side of the Tracks Zane has an argument with a man in a trailer park but little does he know it’s Rikki’s dad.

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