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How do I withdraw money from iTrade?

How do I withdraw money from iTrade?

You can withdraw funds from your non-registered account to a linked bank account by logging onto and selecting the “Transfer” tab. Alternatively you can request a cheque or a wire out. To request a cheque, click on “Manage My Accounts > Additional Services > Withdraw Funds” and submit your request.

How do I deposit money into CIMB iTrade?

  1. Login to CGS-CIMB iTrade.
  2. Select Settlement.
  3. Click on eDeposit(NEW)
  4. Click on Online Cash Deposit button.
  5. Select your preferred bank.
  6. Key in deposit amount and click Confirm button.
  7. Key in your trading pin number.
  8. Complete the transaction at the selected bank’s internet banking website (CIMB Clicks/ Maybank2U/ FPX)

How do I transfer money from CGS to CIMB?

Email the instruction to us at [email protected]….

  1. Logon your username and password at
  2. Click on
  3. Select
  4. Choose your trading account and click on button.
  5. Select your preferred bank.
  6. Key in your deposit amount and click button.

How do I withdraw money from CGS-CIMB?

How do I withdraw my cash / securities?

  1. Print and complete this Withdrawal Request Form. Thereafter, fax the duly signed copy to us at +603 7710 0377, or.
  2. Email the instruction to us at [email protected] Indicate your name, trading account number, amount to withdraw and Bank account name and number.

How do I transfer money into my iTRADE account?

How do I contribute to my Scotia iTRADE RSP or TFSA?

  1. Go to Transfers.
  2. Choose an account to transfer from.
  3. Select your Scotia iTRADE registered account or TFSA to transfer to.
  4. Enter an amount and select Continue.

What does CGS CIMB stand for?

China Galaxy Securities
China Galaxy Securities. CIMB Group. China Galaxy International. © CGS-CIMB Securities International Pte.

What is trading limit in CGS CIMB?

Trading limit is 2x cash & 1x shares value.

What does CGS-CIMB stand for?

What is trading limit in CGS-CIMB?

Should I use Scotia iTRADE?

Scotia iTRADE has some of the best in-house and 3rd-party research and education resources available to Canadian investors and traders. iTRADE is an excellent choice for active traders and investors who need linked financial accounts since you can hook up your Scotiabank accounts to your iTrade brokerage account.

How does CIMB itrade help in stock trading?

It provides real-time stock market information and trading capabilities. Apart from that, the user will be able to monitor the order status and manage the stock portfolio. Thus with just a click of the mouse, the user will be able to gather relevant market information and make worthy market decisions.

When is CGS-CIMB itrade scheduled for maintenance?

We wish to inform that CGS-CIMB iTrade will be undergoing scheduled system maintenance on Sunday, 04 July 2021, from 12:01am – 8:00am. We wish to inform that US Markets (NYSE, NYSE MKT LLC and NASDAQ) will be closed on Monday, 05 July 2021 in conjunction with Independence Day.

How do I get my credit card statement from CIMB?

Credit card statements will be delivered to you via CIMB Clicks. If you still wish to receive your credit card statements by email or in hardcopy by post, please complete the Statement of Account Delivery Instructions form and fax to +603 2381 7198 or email to [email protected] .

Can you trade Bursa derivatives Berhad with CGS-CIMB?

Trade Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad’s products with CGS-CIMB Futures & Win Fabulous Prizes! Click more to learn how to win the prizes. We are open for business during EMCO.

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