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What type of battery is a motobatt?

What type of battery is a motobatt?

Motobatt Batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries with the new and unique four-terminal patented system. They are designed to offer better strength, durability, and versatility. Every Motobatt Battery provides up to 30% more power than traditional batteries.

Can you trickle charge a motobatt battery?

Yes, of course. The motorcycle will automatically charge it as you ride. You can also use a 12V trickle or float charger to recharge it if the battery is not used in a situation that recharges it as it’s being used or if the motorcycle is not used often.

How much is motolite battery for motorcycle?

Top Motolite Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Motolite MF4L-B Motorcycle Battery ₱ 625.00 Shopee
Motolite Champion NS60 Car Battery ₱ 3,139.00 Shopee
Motolite MF5L-B Motorcycle Battery ₱ 680.00 Shopee
Motolite Mf9-B Motorcycle Battery ₱ 1,150.00 Shopee

Does a new motorcycle battery need to be charged?

New batteries should be charged with a motorcycle battery charger (not a car or general automotive charger) before they are used. Can I use a car charger or a high rate charger? A car or high rate charger will force a higher rate of charge into the battery, which can result in permanent damage to a motorcycle battery.

What kind of battery does motobatt mbtx12u use?

The MotBatt MBTX12U battery is compatible With: YB12BB2, YTX12BS, YTX14BS, YTX14HBS, YTX14LBS, KMX14BS, YTX15L-BS and many other models.

Do you get free shipping on a motobatt 12V 14ah battery?

Order today and receive free standard shipping on your Motobatt MBTX12U 12V 14Ah AGM Battery. Only valid in the contiguous 48 states and not valid with any other offer. Physical address required (No PO Boxes).

Which is the best battery for a motobatt?

MotoBatt has managed to solve multiple performances threatening factors related to power-sport applications. The MotoBatt MBTX12U AGM battery allows for higher starting CCA (cold cranking amps) when it is most needed.

What does quadflex mean for a motobatt battery?

The MotoBatt MBTX12U AGM battery allows for higher starting CCA (cold cranking amps) when it is most needed. QuadFlex Technology gives the end user more direct starting power at a faster rate than ever before by shortening the connection distance from each battery cell to the terminal posts.

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