Can Hue BR30 be used outside?

Can Hue BR30 be used outside?

BR30 light bulbs deliver soft-edged, directional light and can typically be found in general household light fixtures, recessed can lighting, and/or track lighting. They are traditionally used outdoors as aircraft landing lights, security lighting, or indoors for concerts, movie production, and theater.

Are hue lights weatherproof?

Just as long as the bulb is mounted in a moderately sheltered light fixture that protects it from rain, snow, hail, and other elements, then it’s fine to use a Philips Hue bulb outdoors. Just know that the bulb may not last as long as it could if it were used indoors in better conditions.

How long do Hue outdoor lights Last?

Phillip Hue bulbs are designed to work anywhere between 15,000 hours or 15 years to 25,000 hours or 25 years. This is because according to the brand, the LED bulbs use up to 80% less power compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Can smart lights be used outside?

Yes, your smart bulb will work outside all-year-round,as long as the smart bulb you’re using is covered and shielded from the rain, snow, etc.

What is a PAR38 flood light?

What are PAR38 Bulbs? Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) 38 bulbs control light more precisely. LED PAR lights produce about four times the concentrated light intensity of general service A shape incandescents, and are used in recessed and track lighting. Therefore, a PAR 38 is 4.75 inches in diameter.

How many outdoor Hue lights can you connect?

You can add up to five lights for each power supply and up to 50 lights for each Hue Bridge. The lights are encased in a sturdy black aluminum cylindrical enclosure that is 4.5 inches long and 2.6 inches in diameter, with an IP65 weatherproof rating.

How bright are hue outdoor lights?

It provides up to 104W-equivalent of light, making it as bright as a regular high-power light bulb. It needs this power, since it has to evenly light up a surface. Whites are brighter than colours – but, as always with Hue, colour reproduction is excellent and still provides enough light to see by.

Do Philips Hue bulbs run hot?

Heat issues With Hue bulbs Excessive heat can degrade the performance of Hue lights. In fact, as a result, the company forbids them from being used in enclosed fixtures. This is because otherwise the heat can build up and get to a point where they exceed the recommended temperature for the LED light.

Do you need to replace Philips Hue bulbs?

LED benefit #1: LED lights last longer If you use incandescent bulbs, you replace them — a lot. But LED has them all beat: LED lights, including Philips Hue smart lights, have a lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Depending on how much you use your bulb, you may never have to replace it.

How many hues are there in Philips Hue?

With Philips Hue outdoor lighting there’s no limit to the magic you can add. Play with 16 million colors and all shades of white light to create the effect you want. Highlight objects, trees or pathways to make your space stand out.

What does ul wet mean for Philips Hue?

UL Wet Location rated. This means the product is suitable for use in wet locations. This Philips Hue light possesses a LED light source which illuminates a large portion of your garden. Find the route to your driveway, pathway, front- or back door brightly lit up, all with the comfort of the right light.

How can I control my Philips Hue lights?

Use Bluetooth for instant light control in one room or connect to the Hue Bridge (sold separately) to unlock the full set of smart lighting features. With the Hue Bluetooth app, you can directly control your Hue smart lights in a single room of your home.

Can you use Philips Hue with Amazon Alexa?

Philips Hue even works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and the Google Assistant to allow you to control your lights with your voice. With Philips Hue outdoor lighting there’s no limit to the magic you can add. Play with 16 million colors and all shades of white light to create the effect you want.

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