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Where is Passchendaele Belgium?

Where is Passchendaele Belgium?

Battle of Passchendaele/Location

Was Belgium a Passchendaele?

The Battle of Passchendaele, also known as the Third Battle of Ypres, was fought during the First World War from 31 July to 10 November 1917. The battle took place on the Ypres salient on the Western Front, in Belgium, where German and Allied armies had been deadlocked for three years.

Is Passchendaele on the Somme?

What took place was officially known as the Third Battle of Ypres, but history recalls the horror in one word: Passchendaele. The name, along with the Somme, has come to symbolise the Great War for many.

How many soldiers died at Passchendaele?

Judging Passchendaele The British suffered 300,000 casualties fighting for Passchendaele, and inflicted around 260,000 on the Germans.

What did lice do to soldiers in ww1?

Soldiers also had to deal with lice, which hid in the seams of their clothes and left blotchy red bites all over their bodies. The lice carried a disease known as trench fever, which could put a soldier out of action for months. Soldiers in the trenches must have dreamt of the day they could leave.

How many men drowned at Passchendaele?

Total casualties at Passchendaele were estimated at some 500,000, about 275,000 British and Commonwealth and maybe more than 200,000 Germans. Nearly 15,700 Canadians and 5300 New Zealanders fell there, killed, wounded or missing.

Where did the Battle of Passchendaele get its name?

Many would afterwards call this offensive, actually a series of battles, after the name of the village that had become the last objective – ‘Passchendaele’. The Australian infantry divisions joined the Third Battle of Ypres which had been going on since 31 July when they took part in the battle of Menin Road on 20 September 1917.

How many people died at Passchendaele in WW1?

There are also some statistics: the plaque states that 1,000,000 from the British Empire were killed, and 2,000,000 wounded on the Western Front during the Great War. It was unveiled by the Honourable Bill Hayden, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on the 1st of September, 1993.

Why was Ypres important in the Battle of Passchendaele?

Possession of the higher ground to the south and east of Ypres, gives an army ample scope for ground observation, enfilade fire and converging artillery bombardments. An occupier also has the advantage that artillery deployments and the movement of reinforcements, supplies and stores can be screened from view.

How did the Battle of Passchendaele affect the landscape?

Aerial and ground-level photographs taken of the Polygon Wood area. Note the difference in destruction between the first aerial photo (July) and the next two (September) when virtually every inch of the ground had been destroyed and badly cratered. The misery only increased as the landscape filled with water.

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