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Did Shakespeare in Love deserve the Oscar?

Did Shakespeare in Love deserve the Oscar?

Come Oscar night though, Spielberg picked up the Best Director Oscar (his second after Schindler’s List) while John Madden’s Shakespeare in Love left audiences at home surprised by taking the top award, alongside its wins for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Score… the latter …

How many Oscars did Shakespeare in Love?

seven awards
Shakespeare in Love won seven awards, including Best Picture.

What movie won best picture at the Oscars?

Academy Award for Best Picture/Winners

Is there a witch in the original Mulan?

The Witch is a new character that didn’t exist in the 1998 animated Mulan. In adapting the 1998 animated Mulan for a live-action format, Disney cut a lot of original elements. The intent seems to have been to make Mulan more like a war epic than a fantastical animated tale.

How many awards did Shakespeare in love win?

Shakespeare in Love, which led all contenders with 13 nominations, also picked up Oscars for original screenplay, art direction, costume design and musical or comedy score.

Who was the Best Actress in Shakespeare in love?

For the screenwriting. For consistent acting excellence. Tied with Kathy Bates for Primary Colors (1998).

Who was the original director of Shakespeare in love?

The original idea for Shakespeare in Love was suggested to screenwriter Marc Norman in the late 1980s by his son Zachary. Norman wrote a draft screenplay which he presented to director Edward Zwick, which attracted Julia Roberts, who agreed to play Viola.

Who was the second person to win an Oscar for acting?

Best Actor winner Roberto Benigni was the second person to direct himself to an acting Oscar win. Laurence Olivier first achieved this feat for his performance in 1948’s Hamlet. He also became the fourth individual to earn acting, directing, screenwriting nominations for the same film.

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