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What are the dimensions of a Samsung refrigerator?

What are the dimensions of a Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung Refrigerator Dimensions

Model Height Width
RF217ACWP 68 5/8″ 32 1/4″
RF263AEBP 68 5/8″ 35 3/4″
RF263AEPN 68 5/8″ 35 3/4″
RF263AERS 68 5/8″ 35 3/4″

What are fridge dimensions?

Standard refrigerator sizes range from around 24 to 40 inches in width, 62 to 72 inches in height and 29 to 36 inches in depth. Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations.

How tall is a Samsung fridge in inches?

Samsung Refrigerators: 70 – 70 7/8 Inches Tall – Sears.

What is the width of Samsung double door fridge?

Key Features

Gross for Refrigerator(Liter) 338 ℓ 5 EA
Physical specification Yes
Net Dimension (WxHxD)(mm) 700 x 1,730 x 740mm Yes
Net Width(mm) 700 mm Yes

What is the width of a Samsung French door refrigerator?

31 – 33 Inch Wide Refrigerators | Samsung US.

How deep is a Samsung refrigerator?

Standard Depth refrigerators have a depth that ranges from 27 – 31 inches (not including the doors or handles).

What is the size of a double door fridge?

The standard size of a French door refrigerator is 29 ½ to 36 inches in width, 68 ½ to 70 ⅛ inches in height and 29 ⅜ to 34 ⅝ inches in depth.

How tall is a fridge in CM?

The height of a single-door fridge varies between 75 and 190 centimeters. The width is between 54 and 60 centimeters and the depth between 55 and 80 centimeters.

What is the width of double door fridge?

How wide are double door fridges?

The standard dimensions for a fridge cavity/space in most Australian kitchens is about 90cm wide x 180cm high x 60cm deep − give or take.

What are some common problems with a Samsung fridge?

Samsung refrigerators problems can come in a variety of ways which include: Refrigerator not cooling Refrigerator not defrosting Refrigerator ice maker not working Refrigerator freezer cold but refrigerator warm Refrigerator freezing food Refrigerator leaking water

What are the dimensions of a fridge?

Standard Sizes for Refrigerators. Out of all kitchen appliances, refrigerators have the least standard depth, however, height is usually around 70 inches and width is usually around 36 inches. Depth can vary considerably depending on whether the refrigerator is considered a “counter-depth” refrigerator or not.

What is Samsung’s bottom freezer refrigerator?

Samsung’s newest Bottom-mount Refrigerator is a top energy saver. As the name derives the location of Freezer at the bottom of the refrigerator. A variety of innovative technologies help reduce power usage, such as the Digital Inverter Compressor, which increases energy efficiency 20% while maintaining a consistent temperature.

What is Samsung’s Direct cool refrigerator?

What is Samsung’s Direct Cool Refrigerator? Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020. You can experience the ultimate blend of performance and technology with Samsung Cool Ultima . Direct Cool Refrigerators are the most basic types where cooling within the fridge compartment is done without any fanning. The cooling is rather done by a natural convection where one part may become cooler than another area inside the compartment.

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