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What crimes did Villefort commit?

What crimes did Villefort commit?

In court, it is revealed that Villefort is guilty of attempted infanticide, as he tried to bury his illegitimate baby while it was still alive. Believing that everyone he loves is dead and knowing that he will soon have to answer severe criminal charges, Villefort goes insane.

Who was The Count of Monte Cristo in love with?

Maximilien Morrel
In love with Maximilien Morrel. Engaged to Baron Franz d’Épinay. She is 19 years old with chestnut hair, dark blue eyes, and “long white hands”.

Is Count of Monte Cristo a true story?

Tom Reiss’ swashbuckling new book, “The Black Count,” tells the true story of Alex Dumas, son of a French nobleman and an African slave, the father of author Alexandre Dumas and the inspiration for the younger Dumas’ classic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Is The Count of Monte Cristo a masterpiece?

This classic story of wrongful imprisonment, hidden treasure, and revenge is truly a masterpiece. Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo has seen life not only in print but in film and television, but one cannot appreciate the novel unless you read it in its entire unabridged length.

What did Mondego do wrong to Dantes?

The wicked Fernand Mondego is Edmond Dantès’s main antagonist. He is deeply jealous of Dantès for winning the heart of his cousin Mercedes, for whom he has unrequited feelings. Mondego knows that so long as Dantès is in the picture, he will never be able to be with Mercedes. So he resolves to have him destroyed.

How does the count get revenge on Villefort?

The Count of Monte Cristo wreaks revenge upon de Villefort by giving poison to Mme. de Villefort. She poisons the maternal grandparents, but de Villefort does not want the police involved as this attention will be damaging to his reputation.

Does Mercedes Love Dantes?

Mercedes still loved him, even after all that time. She had married Fernand only for her son’s sake. When she saw Dantes again, in full Count regalia, she was just pleased that he was alive, even though she was saddened that he saw what she had become and the way that he looked at her.

Is The Count of Monte Cristo hard to read?

The Count of Monte Cristo is a big book, and it requires more than a bit of discipline and patience to finish. Last, but certainly not least, it’s important not to overlook the many allusions to history and literature that Dumas has packed in (you can see the list over in the “Shout-Out” section).

Which Count of Monte Cristo is best?

You should choose: The Penguin Classics Robin Buss translation of The Count of Monte Cristo. This is the only TRULY complete and unabridged version. Early English editions were bowdlerized. That is, material thought to be offensive was removed for the good of child readers and the public in general.

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