What is the purpose of a tamper switch on a valve?

What is the purpose of a tamper switch on a valve?

A tamper switch is a mechanical and electrical device connected to a fire protection valve that signals a warning if the valve partially or fully closes. Regardless of the type of tamper switch, they all function similarly. The tamper switch features an actuating unit, usually a lever or cable with a resting position.

What is a valve tamper switch?

Valve tamper switches are mounted on the various fire sprinkler control valves to monitor the position of the valve. It’s critical that the sprinkler control valves remain open because, otherwise, the water will not flow through the pipes when there is a fire emergency.

What is butterfly valve with tamper switch?

Butterfly valve With Tamper Proof Switch offers precision flow control of fluids and gas. Feature of castle Butterfly valve With Tamper Proof Switch are: A fitted tamper switch allows Butterfly Valve to activate a local alarm bell or horn when the valve come to a partial or complete close.

What is an OS&Y tamper?

This Tamper Switch for OS&Y Valves prevents tampering and unwanted closure by activating a nearby alarm or fire alarm control panel when the valve reaches 1/5 of its travel distance or two full turns.

What is zone control valve?

Zone Control Valve is a system designed to separate the area in case of maintenance and to get the indication of fire zone on a combination of Butterfly valve, Flow Switch, Pressure Gauge and Test & Drain Valves.

What is the flow and tamper switch?

Flow switches detect water movement or drop in pressure, and activate alarms. Tamper switches detect when a sprinkler valve has been partially to fully closed and usually activates a trouble signal at the control, although some cities require them activate alarms.

How does OS Y valve work?

OS&Y means “outside stem and yoke” or “outside screw and yoke”. OS&Y gate valves operate by opening and closing via a gate, which lowers into or rises out of the valve. Raising the gate allows water to flow through the valve while lowering the gate cuts off the water flowing through the valve.

What is the purpose of zone control valve?

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