What is Decapeptyl injection used for?

What is Decapeptyl injection used for?

In men, Decapeptyl SR 11.25 mg is used to treat prostate cancer. In women, Decapeptyl SR 11.25 mg is used to treat Endometriosis – a condition in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrium) grows in other places.

Where do you give Decapeptyl injection?

The usual dosage of Decapeptyl is one injection under the skin of your lower abdomen once-daily. Treatment can be started on day 2 or 3, or on day 21 to 23, of the menstrual cycle. After 2 to 4 weeks of Decapeptyl treatment, other hormones (gonadotropins) will be given in order to stimulate follicle growth.

How often is Decapeptyl given?

Decapeptyl® is given as an injection into a muscle (intramuscular). It can be given every 28 days (4 weeks), or as a longer-acting injection every 3 or 6 months. Gonapeptyl® is given as an injection under the skin (subcutaneously) or into a muscle (intramuscular). It is given every 28 days (4 weeks).

How long after last Decapeptyl injection do periods return?

You may have some vaginal bleeding in the first month of treatment. After that your periods normally stop. Tell your doctor if you have bleeding after the first month of treatment. Your periods should start about 2 months after the last injection.

Can you get pregnant after Decapeptyl injection?

Five of the ten patients treated by Decapeptyl and myomectomy achieved successful pregnancies and delivered. Among the women treated with Decapeptyl without myomectomy, only one patient conceived.

Can I get pregnant after Decapeptyl?

Uterine regrowth following Decapeptyl and myomectomy was found to be significantly lower (P < 0.01) when compared with cases treated with Decapeptyl alone. Five of the ten patients treated by Decapeptyl and myomectomy achieved successful pregnancies and delivered.

Can I get pregnant on triptorelin?

No, triptorelin is not a birth control medicine. You can still get pregnant even if your periods have stopped. Hormone changes that happen when taking triptorelin increase the risk of losing your baby if you get pregnant (miscarriage).

Can you drink alcohol with Decapeptyl?

There are no known interactions between alcohol and Decapeptyl. Always ask your doctor/pharmacist however as this may depend on what other tablets you are taking.

Does Decapeptyl shrink fibroids?

There is strong research evidence to show that, for myomectomy or hysterectomy procedure, pre-operative GnRHa (such as Decapeptyl, Zoladex, Prostap) therapy reduces the size of fibroids and the total blood loss during the operation (i.e. less risk of need for blood transfusion).

How often do you use Decapeptyl SR 11.25 mg?

Decapeptyl SR 11.25 mg has three different uses. It is used in men, women and children to treat completely different conditions. Decapeptyl SR is available in two other strengths: Decapeptyl SR 3 mg is used once a month and Decapeptyl SR 22.5 mg is used once every 6 months. Not all dose strengths are approved for all indications.

What are the side effects of Decapeptyl SR Injection?

Side effects in women: 1 Vaginal dryness. 2 Painful sex. 3 Breast pain.

How often to take Decapeptyl for prostrate cancer?

Therapy of prostrate cancer with Decapeptyl SR 22.5 mg requires long term treatment. The usual dose is 1 vial of Decapeptyl SR 22.5mg injected into a muscle every 6 months (24 weeks). Decapeptyl SR 22.5mg is for injection into the muscle only. Also read ‘Other medicines and Decapeptyl SR 22.5 mg’ in section 2.

How are Decapeptyl injections used in women and children?

In women, Decapeptyl injections are mainly used to treat endometriosis and fibroids. The injections are also given to pre-menopausal women who have had chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer, to help prevent the cancer coming back. In children, the injections are given to treat early puberty in girls under 8 years and boys under 10 years.

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