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What does CDMR stand for in car hire?

What does CDMR stand for in car hire?

CDMR = Compact 4 door manual car with air conditioning.

Is Sixt car rental reliable?

Sixt is rated 5 in a 5 point scale from 6 car rental reviews. The absolute best car rental service I have ever had! From the moment of checking online for information to the moment of leaving the shuttle at the airport!

How does Sixt Lucky Dip work?

The idea is simple. Instead of choosing a specific category when booking your rental car, you choose the “Lucky Dip”-option (or “Lucky Chance” as it is called in the US). The prices for this option are comparable to compact segment rentals.

Who is Sixt rental car owned by?

Sixt SE is an international mobility service provider with about 2,100 locations in over 110 countries. Sixt SE acts as a parent and holding company of the Sixt Group, which is internationally active in the business areas of vehicle rental, car sharing, ride-hailing, and subscription….Sixt.

Trade name Sixt

What is a Group D car?

Vehicles of Group D – Manual (Ford Focus, Hyundai i-30, Toyota Auris, Toyota Corolla or similar) are practical, comfortable, spacious and economical. The vehicles are also a pleasure to drive on highways. They are environmentally friendly and very fuel efficient cars.

Do Sixt rental cars have trackers?

This technology lets Sixt locate cars within its fleet. You acknowledge that the Vehicle may be equipped with a telematics device, global positioning satellite (“GPS”) technology, electronic locator device, and/or event data recorder.

Does Sixt charge per mile?

At the end of each billing period, we ask you to inform us of the miles driven via your login in the SIXT app. If you have driven more miles than originally planned, we will calculate the additional miles with a flat rate of a few cents per mile.

What is a Group B courtesy car?

∎ Courtesy car – A Group B (small standard private car) or PV1 (small car-derived van or similar) vehicle loaned to you by our approved repairer whilst the insured vehicle is being repaired after a valid claim under Section 2 of this insurance. Note: A courtesy car is intended to keep you mobile.

How does the Sixt car rental system work?

The system can be a useful guide when trying to select a rent a car best suited to your needs from the Sixt fleet. Each code has four letters representing the different attributes of a vehicle. The first letter refers to the general car category based on price and convenience (luxury vs. economy).

How to read ACRISS codes for car rentals-Sixt?

Wie liest man den ACRISS Code? Der ACRISS-Code setzt sich aus vier Buchstaben zusammen, die jeweils eine Fahrzeugeigenschaft definieren. Während der erste Buchstabe eine Aussage über die generellen Fahrzeugklassen im Sinne der Ausmaße, des Preises und des Komforts ( Kleinwagen , Luxusauto, etc.) trifft, repräsentiert der zweite Buchstabe die

What kind of car can I rent from Sixt?

It helps to cluster a set of similar cars, so that in the event a specific model is not available, we are able to offer you a similar vehicle from the same category. Here at Sixt we have a comprehensive set of categories, including compact / saloons, 4x4s / SUVs, people carriers, luxury cars and vans.

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