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How much does it cost for Apple to repair water damage?

How much does it cost for Apple to repair water damage?

At the Apple store, the price for fixing water damage can range anywhere from $840 – $1340, which is painfully expensive for a repair. If you go to another repair technician, however, the repair will be closer to $129.

Can Apple fix water damaged MacBook?

The bottom line is that Apple will not repair water-damaged Macs, regardless if you have an AppleCare+ plan or not. At best you may be able to get it serviced by a third-party shop that specializes with this type of damage.

How much does it cost to repair laptop water damage?


Nationwide Computer Repair Laptops Desktops
Water Damage $250+ $350+
Virus Removal $175 $175
Data Transfer $150+ $150+
Battery replacement call $160+

How much does AppleCare+ cost?

Apple offers a monthly recurring payment plan for AppleCare+ over a 24-month period. Pricing varies depending on the cost of AppleCare+ for your device, but for a $199 plan you’ll pay $9.99 per month, or for a $299 plan you’ll pay $14.99 per month.

How much does it cost to fix water damage?

Depending on the type of water that has entered the home, the cost of repairs will be more or less expensive. Clean Water Damage is caused by water that is “clean” coming from a water pipe or rain. The cost for this may be estimated at $3.75 per square foot, according to FIXR, a vendor-independent cost estimating database.

Can an iPhone survive water damage?

The longer your iPhone is submerged in water, the more saturated it will become and the more likely it is that it will suffer permanent damage. If you drop your phone into water, remove it as quickly as possible. The less water that is allowed to permeate your iPhone’s case and reach the internal components, the better the chances of survival.

How to restore an iPhone after water damage?

8 best measures to fix liquid-damaged iPhone Remove its SIM card. Wipe its exterior. Place it in a dry place. Dry it with silica gel packets. Place it in uncooked rice. Use a hairdryer (if it has a cool wind setting) This might be a little extreme, but even after following the above-mentioned drill, if the iPhone wet won’t turn on Ask some tech genius to dismantle it. Visit an Apple Store.

Does Apple Protection Plan cover water/spill damge?

Did you know that the Apple Care protection plan doesn’t cover you in the event of ANY kind of accident? This includes water damage, physical damage (drops, cracks, bangs) and electrical surges. Being that most of Apple’s products are extremely portable, most people are bringing their iPhones and iPads around with them wherever they go.

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