What is a cudaStream_t?

What is a cudaStream_t?

cudaStream_t is an opaque structure. You should use cudaStreamCreate this way : cudaStream_t stream; cudaError_t cudaErr = cudaStreamCreate(&stream); and there is also the pending cudaStreamDestroy.

What is a ReadableStream?

The ReadableStream interface of the Streams API represents a readable stream of byte data. The Fetch API offers a concrete instance of a ReadableStream through the body property of a Response object.

What is Nodejs pipeline?

js Processing Pipelines. js application or library on a workstation or server. Similar to the web browser API, most of these functions return a Promise.

What is a duplex stream?

– A duplex stream is a stream that implements both a readable and a writable. These streams allow data to pass through. Readable streams will pipe data into a duplex stream, and the duplex stream can also write that data. So duplex stream represent the middle sections of pipelines.

Is cudaMalloc synchronous?

By commenting out the cudaMalloc line and cudaFree line respectively in the large loop, I found that for a 2-GPU system, the GPU processing time are 30 milliseconds and 20 milliseconds respectively, so I concluded that cudaMalloc is an asynchronous call and cudaFree is a synchronous call.

What is CUDA runtime API?

The CUDA runtime makes it possible to compile and link your CUDA kernels into executable. This means that you don’t have to distribute Cubin files with your application, or deal with loading them through the driver API. As you have noted, it is generally easier to use.

What is WritableStream API?

The WritableStream interface of the Streams API provides a standard abstraction for writing streaming data to a destination, known as a sink. This object comes with built-in backpressure and queuing.

What is node in Jenkins pipeline?

Node. A node is a machine which is part of the Jenkins environment and is capable of executing a Pipeline. Also, a node block is a key part of Scripted Pipeline syntax.

Is zlib a duplex stream?

Duplex – streams that are both Readable and Writable (for example, net. Socket). Transform – Duplex streams that can modify or transform the data as it is written and read (for example, zlib.

Are CUDA kernels asynchronous?

Kernel launches are asynchronous with respect to the host. Details of concurrent kernel execution and data transfers can be found in the CUDA Programmers Guide.

Is cudaDeviceSynchronize necessary?

So in your example, there is no need for cudaDeviceSynchronize . However, it might be useful for debugging to detect which of your kernel has caused an error (if there is any).

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