What is the average cost of a Movado watch?

What is the average cost of a Movado watch?

How much do Movado watches cost?

Collection/Model Price (starting at) Features
1881 Automatic 870 USD Proven ETA movement 2824-2
Bold 740 USD 48-mm case, large selection of design combinations
Museum Classic 620 USD Purist, empty dial (Museum watch)
Amorosa 500 USD Only women’s watches

Does Ross Sell Movado watches?

Every Movado watch is Swiss made and water resistant. At Ross-Simons, you’ll find all the most popular Movado watch designs, such as the signature Museum Watch, as well as styles from favorite Movado collections — Amorosa, Bela, Esperanza, Faceto, Fiero, Luno, Meza, Rondiro, Series 800 and S.E.

Why are Movado watches good?

Movado specialises in manufacturing luxury watches as well as affordable fashion watches. Movado watches’ aesthetic features and their high precision level are some of the factors that make the company stand out among other luxurious brands. In fact, it was the first watch ever to earn such a distinction.

Is Movado a cheap brand?

Movado is an affordable Swiss-made brand that has gone down in history with some iconic watch designs. The Museum Watch is one of such that doesn’t need any introduction to anyone who’s into well-made timepieces.

Do Movado watches go up in value?

They can’t be resold! Unlike jewelry that can be polished up again and made to look new; watches can’t. You can’t polish them up (unless they’re stainless steel). It doesn’t matter if the watch is a $600 Movado.

How can you tell a real Movado watch?

Examine the printing on the watch face carefully. A real Movado will be printed with the words “Swiss Movado Made” or “Swiss Made.” If it says “Swiss Movado Quartz,” it is not real. The word “MOVADO” must be printed in all caps. Look for the Movado logo on the inside of the watch.

How long will a Movado watch last?

approximately 18-36 months
A Movado quartz timepiece has a 1.55 Volt silver-oxide battery that is specifically designed for watches. It will last approximately 18-36 months under normal use. Note: Frequent use of special functions, like the stopwatch timer on chronograph models, may shorten battery life.

Can I pawn a Movado watch?

The value of your Movado Watch also depends on the condition of the watch. If you are in need of cash, you don’t have to resort to selling your Movado and can pawn your Movado watch instead. Consider pawning your Movado at The Gold Standard pawn shop for watches.

Where is a Movado watch made?

According to, it has manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and corporate headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey, USA and Bienne, Switzerland . In fact, it is one of the world’s premier watchmakers and the flagship brand within the Movado Group Inc.

Where is the serial number located on a Movado watch?

A real Movado watch will always have a logo imprinted on the inside. It should be written in all caps: MOVADO . Check to make sure that the serial number of the watch is correct. Call the customer service number located on the Movado website and cross-check the serial number with a company representative.

Does Movado make quartz watches?

Movado has used the term “Swiss Quartz” since they started making quartz watches. At that time, most watch manufacturer’s dials stated simply “Swiss” on the bottom rather than “Swiss Made” with “Quartz” appearing somewhere else on the dial.

What is Movado company store?

Movado Company Store is a Men’s & Women’s Accessories store that offers luxury-priced, watches. The following 12 stores sell similar products within the state of Florida.

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