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Is limestone good for fireplace hearth?

Is limestone good for fireplace hearth?

Limestone is one of the most inexpensive types of hearth stones available, but it only should be used with electric or gas fires because it is a soft stone that may crack under the intensity of a solid-fuel fire such as wood.

What stone for fireplace hearth?

Granite is highly resistant to heat, is non-combustible, hardwearing, and can look great in any fireplace. Granite is one of the most common materials for a fireplace hearth, and is also a reasonably priced material and so it makes a good case to be the best material for use within a fireplace hearth.

How thick is a limestone hearth?

Thickness: Limestone hearths are typically 1 1/2 or 2 inches thick; some colors can be as thin as 1/2 inch, each stone is different please discuss the thickness with Mike when ordering to ensure that the limestone will perform best in your circumstances.

Are granite countertops heat resistant?

Because they are natural stone, there’s a misconception that granite countertops are high maintenance. In reality, granite is stain, scratch, heat and chemical resistant. It’s among the hardest countertop materials available and therefore not easily damaged.

How much does a limestone hearth cost?

Pricing Guide

Hearths Pricing
Depth 90″
Plain or Chamfer Edge 20″ $315
Rounded or Bullnose Edge 20″ $330
Raised Hearth (Additional Cost) + $275

Can quartzite be used for fireplace hearth?

Quartzite will give you the stunning look of marble, while offering increased durability. The material is perfect to use for a fireplace that stands out in a room. Just like marble and granite, this beautiful natural stone is used in many home remodeling projects and is often used as a countertop material.

How thick should a hearth stone be?

two inches
Typically, the minimum width of a hearth is 16 inches, meaning how far out from the façade it extends. If you have a larger firebox, you’ll want a hearth that extends out at least 20 inches. For thickness, the hearthstone should be at least two inches.

How thick should a hearth be?

The hearth must extend at least 300mm to the front and 150mm to either side. It must be at least 12mm thick. It must be made from non-combustible materials. It must also cover a minimum area of 840 x 840mm.

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