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What is Western Union transaction number?

What is Western Union transaction number?

You receive a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on the receipt you get each time you send money via Western Union. This Western Union tracking number will allow you to check on the status of your money transfer.

How can I check the status of my Western Union transfer?

You can check the status of your money transfer at any time by selecting “Track transfer” on or on our app. You only need the tracking number (MTCN) and the country the money was sent from.

Is Western Union number free?

Call us at 0808 234 9168. Email Customer Care at [email protected].

Where is the MTCN number located?

The MTCN is your 10-digit Western Union® Money Transfer℠ tracking number and can be found on the receipt after you send your transfer.

How do I pick up money from Western Union without a tracking number?

Picking up money without the MTCN If you have trouble getting your MTCN from the sender, or you have lost or forgotten your tracking number, you can still collect money. You should call Western Union Customer Care at 1-800-325-6000.

How do you wire money from Western Union?

You can wire money via Western Union at any agent location. Select the Money in Minutes or Next Day service. In either case, you’ll fill out the form and input your own information and that of the recipient. Make sure to use the recipient’s real name rather than a nickname or alias.

How do you transfer money from Western Union to bank?

Visit the nearest Western Union authorized agents and fill out the “SEND MONEY DIRECT TO BANK” form. Submit the completed form together with the money, transfer fee and identification document. Remember to keep the receipt. The money will be deposited into the receiver’s bank account within an hour.

How do you send money to Western Union?

Click the Send Money link on the Western Union homepage. Select Send Online. Fill out the form, and choose how you want to pay. You can either send the money with a credit or debit card, or with your bank account.

What is Western Union’s phone number?

The customer service number of Western Union is 800-325-6000

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