What is PJP in welding?

What is PJP in welding?

The Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) groove weld is a groove weld that does not extend completely through the thickness of components joined. Instead, point the weld arrow to the joint location and call out CJP or PJP as shown in the following figures.

What does PJP stand for in the tail of the welding symbol?

partial joint penetration
This is because the only alternative to CJP is the use of partial joint penetration (PJP) groove welds and PJP groove welds have reduced effective throats and may have reduced available strength.

What is the main difference between PJP and CJP welds?

Groove welds are considered to be either “complete joint penetration” (CJP) or “partial joint penetration” (PJP). A CJP weld completely fills the gap between the two pieces.

Are fillet welds PJP?

Partial-joint-penetration (PJP) groove weld is commonly used as an alternative to fillet weld when high-strength joints are needed. The majority of previous research on the effect of loading angle on the weld strength focuses on fillet welds, but not PJP welds.

What are the 4 welding positions?

The American Welding Society identifies four primary welding positions: Flat position. Horizontal position. Vertical position….What Is a Welding Position?

  • Flat position.
  • Horizontal Position.
  • Vertical Position.
  • Overhead.

Is PJP pneumonia contagious?

Is Pneumocystis Pneumonia Contagious? PCP is contagious. The fungus that causes it can spread from person to person through the air. People can spread the disease even when they’re healthy and have no symptoms.

What are the basic Weld symbols?

The welding symbol is a small drawing and is interpreted as a cross section of the weld. The most common basic symbols to learn include Bead, fillet, Plug or slot, Groove or butt. The groove or butt is categorized into square, V, Bevel, U, J, Flare V, Flare bevel. It takes time to learn all these symbols and the types they represent.

What is a full penetration weld symbol?

The weld symbol depicts a single bevel v groove weld that is full penetration. Again because no depth of penetration is called out, it is assumed that it is for full penetration.

Is a fillet weld a CJP or PJP?

A fillet weld is neither a partial joint penetration or a complete penetration joint. CJP and PJP welds are groove welds, as shown in their SWPS details, where the welds penetrate a defined thickness of the material.

What does welding symbol mean?

A welding symbol is the entire image as it appears on a plan. It includes information such as a reference line, an arrow, weld dimensions, notes, as well as the weld symbol. A weld symbol is a single element that is part of a welding symbol. It indicates what type of weld is to be applied to the joint.

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