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Who is in the grand final for the voice?

Who is in the grand final for the voice?

The top four artists competing for the crown on The Voice 2021 are Bella Taylor Smith from Team Guy, Arlo Sim from Team Keith, Mick Harrington from Team Jess and G-Nat!on from Team Rita.

Who won the battles on the voice?

Winner: Raine Stern! Steals/Saves: Hey, good on Blake Shelton who uses his one steal to give Andrew Marshall the chance he deserves after really bringing it in this round. Blake says that Andrew “won the battle” and he comes to Team Blake with “great pitch and a ton of energy.” That’s a nice ending to this story.

Who won the voice battles 2021?

Cam Anthony was named the winner of the season, marking Blake Shelton eighth win as a coach (his second win in three seasons) with Anthony being the fourth African-American male winner and the first winning artist that had a coach (Nick Jonas blocking John Legend) blocked in their blind audition.

Did Gean Garcia win The Voice?

Team Kelly: Ryleigh Modig (Grade: B+) defeated Gean Garcia (Grade: A-) on “pov” — Gean stolen by John | In the studio with international Voice vet Luis, the kids’ coach (present for rehearsal, just not showtime) praised their quirkiness and individuality.

Did Blake use his steal?

Blake Shelton had one final pairing and a “Steal” to use during the night. They helped Blake prepare his final pairing of Savanna Chestnut and Pete Mroz. The two artists were given the song “Have A Little Faith In Me” by John Hiatt to perform. I felt both artists did a really good job of singing the song.

Who are the remaining voice contestants 2021?

The final contestants Cam Anthony and Jordan Matthew Young (Team Blake), Kenzie Wheeler (Team Kelly), Rachel Mac (Team Nick) and Victor Solomon (Team John) will find out their fate on Tuesday night.

Did Awari get stolen The Voice?

Both brought unique strengths to the stage. While the judges admired the fluidity of Jose’s style, they also appreciated how solid Awari is as a performer. This is what led to fans being shocked that while Jose won the round. Awari wasn’t saved or stolen.

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