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What is l3 night vision?

What is l3 night vision?

$5,732.00. The PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is the current military issue night vision monocular for the US and many NATO armed forces. It can be used as a hand-held device, helmet mounted, or weapon-mounted for use with optic and laser sights.

What is Omni night vision?

When discussing night vision technology, you also may hear the term ”Omnibus” or “OMNI.” The U.S. Army procures night vision devices through multi-year/multi-product contracts referred to as “Omnibus”—abbreviated as “OMNI.” For each successive OMNI contract, ITT has provided Gen 3 devices with increasingly higher …

What Omni 7?

The TEN-TEC OMNI VII is the first truly Net Ready ham transceiver. Delivers live receive AND transmit operation from anywhere else in the world from another wideband Internet access A simple GUI Graphical User Interface written for the OMNI VII is available for download at no charge from our firmware update website.

What is Unfilmed white phosphor?

White Phosphor is the latest technology advancement in image intensifier tubes. These filmless tubes provide greater detail clarity and 15-20% more light transmission than standard thin-filmed green tubes. L3Harris is one of two factory manufacturers of Gen3 image intensifier tubes in the United States.

Is white phosphor better than Green?

The white phosphor provides a significant advantage over green, said ASU’s Dr. Joe Estrera: “There’s more information available to the eye with white phosphor than with green,” Estrera explained. In addition, white phosphor has the same response command as green while providing more contrast and more visual acuity.

What does an pvs 14 stand for?

Portable Visual Search
Morovision Night Vision was the law enforcement distributor of the NEPVS-14 for ITT. The designation AN/PVS translates to Army/Navy Portable Visual Search, according to Joint Electronics Type Designation System guidelines.

Is Ten Tec still in business?


What is Dtnvg?

The DTNVG is our lightest Dual Tube yet, weighing only 18.8 ounces. The DTNVG offers stow-able NVG pods. The NVG pods also feature an auto on/off system – when stowed (pivoted up) they automatically switch off, saving power for longer mission run-time.

Why is NVG green?

But why is night vision green then? The main reason is that the image intensification screen inside the device is made of phosphor. This substance is used because of its luminance effect, and when struck by electrons that don’t carry color information, it glows bright green.

What does an PAS stand for?


Acronym Definition
PAS Performance Assessment System
PAS Project Assessment Survey
PAS Public Access System
PAS Program Advisory Services

Which is the best tube for Omni 7?

Basically L3 might have provided some Omni 7 tubes but their film technology never was as good as Harris-Excelis Thin Filmed Pinnacle tubes which supplied the majority of the Omni 7 contract fulfillment. The Pinnacle thin filmed are supposed to be the best filmed tubes you get, everything else being equal.

What’s the difference between Omni I and Omni VIII?

Omni I to Omni VIII – Comparison of approximate specification. Please note: Individual orders and tube requirements will vary. This table is purely a reflection of the state of the technology. Early Gen3 – Not all that far above Gen2 of era. Another early Gen3, again not that advanced.

Can a L3 tube be classified as MIL SPEC?

Please note that while the L3 tube tube meets all of the OMNI VIII Military Specifications, the entire TNV/PVS-14 system cannot be classified as MIL-SPEC because it is assembled by TNVC at our facility. Only fully factory-assembled L3 and Elbit Systems PVS-14s, built for a U.S. Military contract can be called MIL-SPEC.

What are the specs of the L3Harris Gen3?

SPECS Dimensions 4.5″ (L) x 2.0″ (W) x 2.25″ (H) Weight 12.4oz. Finish Corrosion Resistant- Matte Black, FDE, o Power One (1) Standard AA Battery Battery Life Approx. 50 Hours at Room Temp.

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