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Are Hi-Point guns legal in Illinois?

Are Hi-Point guns legal in Illinois?

Lay-man’s interpretation: It is not illegal to own a hi-point handgun. But it is unlawful for a licensed gun store to sell or transfer a hi-point handgun, or other hand guns made of similar metals. This prohibition on transfer does not apply to long guns.

Can you buy a hi-point in Illinois?

Chapter 5, paragraph 25.22(h) of the Illinois State Code makes it illegal for any dealer, importer, manufacturer or pawnbroker, to manufacture, sell or deliver to anyone, except another gun dealer licensed by the Federal government, any handgun having a barrel, slide, frame or receiver that has a die casting of zinc …

Are firearms illegal in Illinois?

You must have an Illinois Permit to Carry a firearm in Illinois. Open carry is not legal in Illinois. A handgun carried on or about a person with an Illinois Permit to Carry must be concealed from view of the public or on or about a person within a vehicle.

Is the Hi Point firearm legal in Illinois?

The Hi-Point handgun was a common firearm in Illinois due to its affordability. However in early 2017 they began to disappear from gun shops. The rumor mill has it that, “The Hi-Point is Illegal in Illinois”.

Do you need service with a Hi Point gun?

Hi-Point VS. Do you need service? Affordable American Firearms. Our firearms are 100% American-made and come with a lifetime warranty that stays with the gun. That means if you purchase a Hi-Point, new or not-so-new, you are covered for life!

Where can I buy a Hi Point Model 995?

Model 995 (9mm) 20 Round… PLEASE READ: Due to restrictions in the following states, we are not able to ship to: Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, CALIFORNIA, COLORADO,… Seventy-One Guns & Counting: Celebrating the ‘Babe Ruth’ of Hi-Point® Firearms Collectors Written by Hi-Point® Firearms, August 2019 …

What’s the price of a Hi Point pistol?

Hi Point CF-380 380ACP High-Impact Polymer Frame Pistol with Compensator $219.99

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