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What is the synonym of bombastic?

What is the synonym of bombastic?

adjective. 1’Howard really was the most bombastic prig’ pompous, blustering, ranting, blathering. verbose, wordy, turgid, periphrastic, euphuistic, orotund, pleonastic, high-flown, high-sounding, highfalutin, lofty, overwrought, convoluted. pretentious, affected, ostentatious, grandiloquent, magniloquent, fustian.

What does the bombastic mean?

: marked by or given to speech or writing that is given exaggerated importance by artificial or empty means : marked by or given to bombast : pompous, overblown. Other Words from bombastic Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About bombastic.

How do you use bombastic in a sentence?

Bombastic in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because he is a bit too bombastic for me, I will not be voting for that politician again!
  2. His bombastic rant made her rethink her decision to go on a date with him.
  3. Determined to gain his girlfriend’s forgiveness, the teenager made a bombastic declaration in front of the entire school.

What is the meaning of Urdu word imdaad?

The Urdu Word امداد Meaning in English is Pension. The other similar words are Wazifa, Imdaad and Pension Ya Wazifa Muqarrar Karna. The synonyms of Pension include are Allowance, Annuity, Gift, Grant, Ira, Payment, Reward, Subsidy, Subvention, Superannuation, Support, Premium, Social Security and Retirement Account.

Who is a bombastic person?

We’ve each met one: a person whose way of talking is full of pretentious, highfalutin language, a bombastic speaker. Bombastic, which means “marked by or given to pretentious inflated speech or writing,” sure looks like a derivative of the word bomb, but there’s no etymological link between the two.

Is Bombastic a compliment?

A song of a similar name, Boombastic, briefly topped the charts back in 1995 – but being called bombastic is not a compliment. Synonyms for bombastic include gassy and windy, so one could fairly say that being bombastic, well, stinks.

Is Bombastic a real word?

Bombastic evolved as an adjective to describe something (or someone!) that is overly wordy, pompous, or pretentious, but the adjective is most often used to describe language (speech or writing).

What is the meaning of Imdad in English?

Imdad meaning in English is Aid and Imdad or Aid synonym is Assist, Assistance, Attention, Care and Help. Similar words of Aid includes as Aid, Aid, Aid and Ai, where Imdad translation in Urdu is امداد.

Can a person be bombastic?

A bombastic person will explode with verbose, long-winded speech that is meant to impress, but usually falls flat for lack of substance. Bombastic should be reserved for people who are pretentious, pompous, ostentatious, and verbose all wrapped into one.

What does Imdad mean in Islam?

Imdad is a Muslim name for boys meaning Help, Support.

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